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USA Today – May 30 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Don’t ___ us; we’ll . . .’ CALL
‘Fantasia’ frame CEL
‘Fresh!’ accompanier SLAP
‘Man, that was close!’ WHEW
‘No harm, no foul’ ITSOK
‘Rabbit food’ SALAD
‘Raspberry Swirl’ singer Tori AMOS
‘White Noise’ author DeLillo DON
‘___ the games begin!’ LET
1970s fad item PETROCK
50 percent off, perhaps ONSALE
A-lister, for short VIP
Alan of ‘The West Wing’ ALDA
Ballerina’s jete, e.g LEAP
Blow it ERR
Bog yield used in gardening PEATMOSS
Cause of goosebumps FEAR
Cobwebby room, often ATTIC
Convicted felon’s recourse APPEAL
Crash-causing, as a PC error FATAL
Daybreak direction EAST
Didn’t panic KEPTCOOL
Disney mermaid ARIEL
File crosser RANK
Fish story TALE
Fish-and-chips fish COD
Formation similar to a butte MESA
Fruit cut into balls MELON
Golden ___ (senior) AGER
Google Maps lines STREETS
Guantanamo ___ BAY
Had a bawl WEPT
Historic times ERAS
Hitch in haste ELOPE
Immigrant’s homeland OLDCOUNTRY
Japanese cartoon art ANIME
Jazz great Fitzgerald ELLA
Kim of ‘Vertigo’ NOVAK
Clues Answers
Language that’s a source of much English LATELATIN
Lawyers’ org ABA
Leader mentored by Gandhi NEHRU
Like a solar eclipse RARE
Loads and loads ALOT
Low in body fat LEAN
Makes resolute STEELS
Military exercise WARGAME
Most prudent, as advice SAGEST
Mounts the soapbox ORATES
Mrs. Doubtfire’s job NANNY
New staffer HIRE
Oft-quoted Yankee BERRA
Packing a rod, say ARMED
Peninsula bordering the 9-Down SINAI
Performed perfectly NAILED
Region including present-day France GAUL
Rescue from a shelter ADOPT
Risky situation PERIL
School attended by Ian Fleming ETON
Serious criminal charge MURDERRAP
Sing like 35-Across SCAT
Single-masted craft SLOOP
Skewed view BIAS
Sri Lanka export TEA
Stengel who managed 64-Across CASEY
Sucker with a chewy center TOOTSIEPOP
Suez Canal terminus REDSEA
Suffix with concession AIRE
Tiny tunnelers ANTS
Tucker out TIRE
Uni-ball products PENS
United in purpose ONE
Until now ASYET
Urban ball game sites STOOPS
Vegas casino until 1996 SANDS
Well-trained team CADRE
___ and kin KITH
___-peasy EASY