USA Today – May 30 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Consider it handled’ WILLDO
‘Daddy & ___’ (2002 documentary) PAPA
‘Don’t ___ yourself short’ SELL
‘Excuse me . . .’ AHEM
‘Of course!’ OHGOSHYES
‘Stop bugging me!’ GETLOST
‘What ___ could go wrong?’ ELSE
‘Woo!’ YAY
‘You serious?’ REALLY
‘___ Like You Know’ (LaShun Pace song) ACT
Address bar addresses URLS
Advertising catchphrase SLOGAN
All’s opposite NONE
Annoying kid BRAT
Award earned on Sporcle BADGE
Beadwork and basketry, for example ARTS
Beverages brewed in pots TEAS
Blunt bob or beach waves HAIRSTYLE
Broadway production SHOW
Capital home to the Fram Museum OSLO
Chooses OPTS
Close-up on a map INSET
College-level H.S. classes APS
Curly haired lap dog TOYPOODLE
Direction opposite NNW SSE
Dog or frog ANIMAL
Drive-___ car wash THRU
Edits considerably REWORKS
Eileen Gu, for one SKIER
Extra hockey periods, for short OTS
Face of a pressure gauge DIAL
Feeling after a hapkido class ACHE
Film library items REELS
Fires off SENDS
Garden mollusk SNAIL
Get together MEET
Gone from the plate EATEN
Grass in bales HAY
Gwangju-to-Busan direction EAST
Hiker’s path TRAIL
Hospital areas ERS
Hot room in a spa SAUNA
Insects that often walk in single file ANTS
L.A.’s region SOCAL
Late-night TV host Meyers SETH
Less congenial ICIER
Long jump champion Brittney REESE
Lunchbox artist Little Miss ___ BENTO
Manager’s helper (Abbr.) ASST
Nintendo’s Super ___ NES
Occupational therapy helpers AIDES
Once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence RARITY
Paint swatch option HUE
Pear discard CORE
Phoenix ballers SUNS
Pretentious people SNOBS
Prizes for Marie Curie and Malala NOBELS
Psychedelic drug LSD
Response to ‘Who would’ve thought?’ NOTME
Roll of cash WAD
Rowing sticks OARS
Running gear colors NEONS
Some makeup removers WIPES
Suitable APT
Takes from a deck DRAWS
Text alternative EMAIL
Their ‘I’ stands for India IPAS
Totally absurd INANE
TV, in Australia TELLY
Type of bean for refried beans PINTO
What some bronzers are meant to provide INSTANTTAN
Word before ‘cow’ or ‘smokes’ HOLY
___ and pieces BITS
___ Lankan SRI
___-level jobs MID
___-owned car PRE

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