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USA Today – May 31 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Clumsy me!’ OOPS
‘Thrilla in Manila’ boxer ALI
Afternoon breaks NAPS
An Obama daughter SASHA
Anti-mob acronym RICO
Anti-prohibitionists WETS
Apportions, with ‘out’ METES
Arctic predator ORCA
Autumn bloom ASTER
Bee Taylor’s charge OPIE
Bit of hair cream DAB
Boater’s pronoun SHE
Book after 2 Chronicles EZRA
Breakfast pastry DANISH
Carbon copy, for short DUPE
Cartoon purveyor of TNT ACME
Cartoon vamp Betty BOOP
Cause for stitches GASH
Cause of waste, it’s said HASTE
Combination of smoke and 4-Down SMAZE
Comic Smirnoff YAKOV
Contract details TERMS
Converse via Facebook CHAT
Cramps and tics SPASMS
Dastardly deeds EVILS
Deck assent AYEAYE
Dispensers of hot drinks URNS
Eats up, in a way ADORES
Eggs partner, often HAM
Expo ’70 city OSAKA
Extremely, slangily UBER
FDR’s last VP HST
Feed fuel to STOKE
Fiber-___ cable OPTIC
Formed a crowd MASSED
Fresh talk SASS
Clues Answers
Gadgets on pads MICE
Gossip, slangily DIRT
Hide in the shadows LURK
Honey-loving beast BEAR
Hunter’s supply, for short AMMO
Is required to MUST
It’s more, in a saying LESS
La Scala highlight ARIA
Leaflike flower part SEPAL
Left, at sea PORT
Like old jokes or popcorn STALE
Low female voice ALTO
Michael Jordan, for 13 seasons BULL
Name in multi-level marketing AMWAY
Neeson who played Schindler LIAM
Not great, not terrible SOSO
One of the nine in 10-Down’s clue HOLE
Provide new audio for REDUB
Reggae forerunner SKA
Rombauer of cookery IRMA
Sammy who sang with Van Halen HAGAR
Says 5-Down, say OBEYS
Seep through the cracks OOZE
Shoots nine, say GOLFS
Sign of a healed 10-Across SCAR
Societal woes ILLS
Some Gitmo guards MPS
State bordering six others IDAHO
Stay beneath the radar LIELOW
Steaming mad IRATE
Storm preceder CALM
Thanksgiving parade sponsor MACYS
Think tank nugget IDEA
To whom an imam prays ALLAH
Twenty Questions answer YES
Ugly Duckling, in time SWAN
Visibility reducer HAZE
Wanda with a recurring role in ‘Blackish’ SYKES
Yank’s ally BRIT