USA Today – May 31 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Actually, hang on . . .’ WAIT
‘Gosh, that’s too bad’ WHATAPITY
‘I was summoned . . . ?’ YOURANG
‘I ___ Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)’ WANNA
‘I’m perfect the way ___’ IAM
‘Knew it!’ AHA
‘Oh, one more thing . . .’ in a text BTW
‘Talk to you later!’ BYE
‘WAP’ rapper Megan ___ Stallion THEE
‘WAP’ rapper ___ B CARDI
A day has 24 (Abbr.) HRS
Actress Destiny RYAN
Any minute now SOON
Automaker sued by California’s DFEH in 2022 TESLA
Basketball position GUARD
Ceremonial tent TIPI
Check for fit TRYON
Come apart at the edge FRAY
Constant critic HATER
Container of treasure or toys CHEST
Contents of an inflatable swan AIR
Dessert often served a la mode WARMAPPLEPIE
Director Lee ANG
Dress length MIDI
Falsie bit LASH
Flour type RYE
Foam ball brand NERF
Golden Lion winner Diaz LAV
Greek letter that sounds like ‘row’ RHO
Hawaiian necklace LEI
Her and my OUR
How some nondairy milks taste OATY
Instruct TEACH
Instruments made with gourds SITARS
Involve ENTAIL
Lake spelled by removing one letter from ‘eerie’ ERIE
Light touch PAT
Lopsided ASKEW
Louisville’s river OHIO
Meowing pet CAT
Mrs., in Spanish SRA
Nest spelled by changing one letter of ‘eerie’ AERIE
Oakland’s White Horse Inn, for one GAYBAR
Outer edge RIM
Piece of pizza SLICE
Poetry or painting ART
Pout-perfecting set LIPKIT
Ritzy party GALA
Secrecy document NDA
Share a border with ABUT
Since ASOF
Small nocturnal bird OWLET
Solid, liquid, ___ GAS
Source of inspiration MUSE
Stomach muscles ABS
Stretch of land TRACT
Super long time EON
Swishy updo HIGHPONY
Take a nibble of TASTE
Tapioca pearls BOBA
Term of address for a queen YOURMAJESTY
The ___ Mahal TAJ
Thumbs-up alternative NOD
Timid SHY
Tolstoy work that inspired ‘Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812’ WARANDPEACE
Tool for cutting a board SAW
Tool for shaving RAZOR
TV watcher VIEWER
Updo that might be secured with a shoelace AFROPUFF
Water, in Spanish AGUA
Word before ‘gown’ or ‘bearing’ BALL
Yellow or green citrus fruit YUZU
Yogurt/cucumber condiment RAITA
Zero people NOONE
___ grrrl RIOT
___-coms ROM

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