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USA Today – May 5 2018

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Clues Answers
‘A Chorus Line’ song ONE
‘As You Like It’ forest ARDEN
Aesopian also-ran HARE
Alternatives to sedans COUPES
Any of 12 in the Fed RESERVEBANK
Artfully dodge EVADE
Auction assent NOD
Bad-mouthed, slangily DISSED
Bambi, in adulthood STAG
Black, to bards EBON
Boathouse item OAR
Bout ender, informally KAYO
Bow, ‘The It Girl’ CLARA
Chatter idly PRATE
Corn holder CRIB
Defeat by a hair EDGE
Didn’t disregard HEEDED
Does a pollster’s job ASKS
DVR button label REC
Eggs ___ Suisse ALA
Enter by keyboard INPUT
Evil-repelling charm AMULET
Feature of autumn air NIP
Fiona in ‘Shrek,’ e.g OGRESS
Floored it SPED
From now on EVERMORE
Good or bad vibes KARMA
Hog’s opposite SHARER
Horror movie effects GORE
Host before Fallon LENO
Ill temper IRE
Inflate, as a resume PAD
It may be dealt HAND
Kazan with an honorary Oscar ELIA
Leave no doubt MAKESURE
Like a flophouse SEEDY
Like fine wine or cheese AGED
Like many reptilian tongues FORKED
Many a new driver TEEN
Clues Answers
Marked wrong XED
Michael of talk radio SAVAGE
Monk’s address FRA
More than suggest URGE
Motive for some crimes HATE
No longer in style DATED
Office bigwig BOSS
One who served in ‘Nam, e.g VET
Panhandler’s request SPARECHANGE
Perfume with burning myrrh, say CENSE
Pitched in ADDED
Places to hustle DISCOS
Planet’s center CORE
Plated, in a way TINNED
Plaza Hotel imp ELOISE
Pocketed, as a billiard ball SANK
Protection against data loss BACKUPCOPY
Putin’s onetime org KGB
Rigel or Vega STAR
Self-admiring VAIN
Send to cloud nine ELATE
Shakers, e.g SECT
Short time, for short SEC
Sing in monotone INTONE
Skin gel ingredient ALOE
Surrealist Magritte RENE
Take a crack at TRY
Tattooists’ supplies INKS
The ‘E’ in REO ELI
Tightly closed SHUT
Touchdown follower, often EXTRAPOINT
Tree on Lebanon’s flag CEDAR
Twinkle in one’s eye GLEAM
Unlike Oscar Madison NEAT
Was concerned CARED
Wear for Seuss’ cat HAT
Wild throw, e.g ERROR
Ziegfeld Follies designer ERTE
___ cholesterol SERUM