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USA Today – May 5 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Bullets,’ in poker ACES
‘Galveston’ singer Campbell GLEN
‘Not to mention . . .’ ALSO
Activate, as a bomb ARM
Added details ANDS
All wound up TENSE
Animal that missed the Ark UNICORN
Barn dance seats BALES
Cast a pall over DEPRESS
Cause of embarrassing typos, perhaps AUTOCORRECT
Chem room LAB
Chop into bits MINCE
Company with a duck mascot AFLAC
Competitor of Alamo AVIS
Cookie jar remnant CRUMB
Corp. bigwigs CEOS
Cricket field shapes, commonly OVALS
Criticize on Broadway PAN
Crusty bread slice END
Did in, as a dragon SLEW
Doorman’s cry TAXI
Driving force LIFEBLOOD
Euclid’s lake ERIE
First of 12 signs ARIES
Folded finger food TACO
Gasp for air PANT
Geneticist’s creation CLONE
Grain in some whiskey RYE
Halladay in Cooperstown ROY
Hank Aaron, for 21 seasons BRAVE
Having the knack ABLE
Hemingway’s nickname PAPA
Hire, as counsel RETAIN
Hornets’ homes NESTS
Iams competitor ALPO
Inventor’s ‘lightbulb’ IDEA
Isn’t blind to SEES
Italian beer brand PERONI
Jack who shunned fat SPRAT
Jeans reinforcer RIVET
Like pocket change LOOSE
Lyrical Gershwin IRA
Many wrestling wins PINS
McGregor of ‘Haywire’ EWAN
Moe and cohorts STOOGES
Mushroom morsel STEM
NASA ‘walk’ EVA
Not as precarious SAFER
On the road AWAY
On the sidelines IDLE
Pageant entrant’s wear SASH
Parts of eons ERAS
Past the golf pin LONG
Pecs’ place CHEST
Pickling need BRINE
Planter’s tool HOE
Pompeo’s department STATE
Provide with funding ENDOW
Rabble-rouser FIREBRAND
Rhett Butler’s expletive DAMN
Scout’s rider TONTO
Skill rarely seen now LOSTART
Slap the cuffs on ARREST
Social media troublemaker TROLL
Sound of leaves RUSTLE
Soup at sushi bars MISO
Squandered, as a lead BLEW
Stage illumination FLOODLIGHTS
Still in the game ALIVE
Talk like Daffy Duck LISP
Texas Hold ’em start ANTE
Thumbs-ups YESES
Use, as a tip ACTON
Weasley at Hogwarts RON
Witch costume stick-on WART
Worship from ___ AFAR
___ loading (marathoner’s prep) CARBO