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USA Today – May 5 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Bodak Yellow’ rapper CARDIB
‘Days of Our Lives,’ for one SOAP
‘Loving’ star Negga RUTH
‘Mila 18’ author Leon URIS
‘Mrs. America’ actress Aduba UZO
‘What’s the ___?’ (‘Isn’t it all the same?’) DIFF
2019 hit by Tones and I DANCEMONKEY
Airport approximation (Abbr.) ETA
Applications USES
Arches National Park state UTAH
Arrangement of squares GRID
Bad-tempered person CRAB
Big-eyed buzzer HOUSEFLY
Bill dispenser ATM
Chows down DINES
Column with a view OPED
Consumer protection group, maybe WATCHDOG
Downs quickly CHUGS
Esport with the map Summoner’s Rift, for short LOL
Farmland unit ACRE
Fashionable CHIC
Garden in Genesis EDEN
Greenish-brown eye color HAZEL
Grew taut TENSED
Hold the attention of ENGAGE
Japanese currency YEN
Kit ___ bar KAT
Large tree branches LIMBS
Lead-in to X, Y or Z GEN
Living on the ___ EDGE
Long unit of time EON, YEAR
Many a YouTube upload VLOG
Margot Robbie figure skating biopic ITONYA
Molten rock LAVA
Multilevel marketing beauty company AVON
Music holders in cases CDS
Nada NIL
Not wild TAME
Organize ARRANGE
Parisian assent OUI
Partner of every EACH
Partner of neither NOR
Poker payment ANTE
Polynesian dance HULA
Protruding belly button OUTIE
Religious dissenter HERETIC
Roadside assistance grp AAA
Scarlet and crimson, for two REDS
School on the Thames ETON
Scrabble piece TILE
See 23-Down GODS
Sense of self-importance EGO
Shortened Latin phrase at the end of a list ETAL
Sneaky SLY
Source of a slime trail GARDENSNAIL
Subsequent try REDO
Tardy LATE
Tennis match components SETS
Third-largest Hawaiian island OAHU
Throw in ADD
Truth or ___ DARE
Ungenuine tone IRONY
Units of laundry LOADS
Upset with SOREAT
Venue for a small concert DIVEBAR
Walking ONFOOT
Wall St. debut IPO
Went on and on HARPED
With 38-Down, Brahma and Vishnu, e.g HINDU
Without cease ENDLESS
Word before ‘pool’ or ‘splicing’ GENE
Words of indebtedness IOWEYOU
___ and Escalators (board game in ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’) EELS
___ economy GIG
___ seeds CHIA