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USA Today – May 6 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
’13th’ director DuVernay AVA
’20 Feet ___ Stardom’ FROM
‘Aw, dang it!’ OHDARN
‘Gotta go’ IMOUT
‘Great ___ think alike’ MINDS
‘New Rules’ singer Lipa DUA
‘This is me’ HEREIAM
‘This ride is fun!’ WHEE
Aloha Tower’s island OAHU
Apartment alternative CONDO
Aspiration DREAM
Ballet handrails BARRES
Barley product MALT
Bathroom dish occupants BARSOAPS
Black-white-black snacks OREOS
Boy, in Spanish NINO
Brief message NOTE
Brought into play USED
Bus journeys RIDES
Bus map line ROUTE
City close to Fort Lauderdale MIAMI
Clarice Starling, for Jodie Foster ROLE
College URL ending EDU
Compliment regarding a hot streak YOUREONFIRE
Cracked the books STUDIED
Dart like a butterfly FLIT
Declare untrue DENY
Device that’s an anagram of 1-Down IMAC
Disabuses RIDS
Dolphins have them FINS
Dr. Li Wenliang, to many HERO
Easy gait LOPE
Evergreen trees with toxic seeds YEWS
Flaky mineral MICA
Foam from 9-Down SUDS
For all to hear ALOUD
Get the time wrong, say ERR
Hayao Miyazaki works ANIME
Ill at ___ EASE
In close proximity to NEAR
Incensed ANGRY
Increase RISE
Legit REAL
Like a room post-Kondoing TIDY
Like towel-dried hair DAMP
Moving walkway maker OTIS
Not busy IDLE
Part of iA ALLAH
PBS science show NOVA
People working together join them FORCES
Places PUTS
Plenty ATON
Poke one’s nose into others’ business PRY
Potato chip accompaniment ONIONDIP
Previous PRIOR
Provide with a soundtrack in a different language DUB
Question format TRUEORFALSE
Reverse the effects of UNDO
Shade named for a dairy product CREAM
Shade named for a flower LILAC
Silly Putty maker CRAYOLA
Skin opening PORE
Some shopping sessions SPREES
Spine’s place BACK
Sports journalist Kimes MINA
Stealthy stealer CATBURGLAR
The ‘A’ in UAE ARAB
Top poker card ACE
Totally quiet DEADSILENT
Ugandan activist David KATO
Umayyad Mosque designs MOSAICS
Up in ___ (incensed) ARMS
Watch secretly SPYON
Word before ‘coffee’ or ‘irrigation’ DRIP
___ history ORAL
___ straits DIRE
___-eared LOP