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USA Today – May 7 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Aw, geez!’ MAN
‘Fatal Attraction’ actress GLENNCLOSE
‘The Shining’ skill, briefly ESP
‘Total War’ game company SEGA
85 acres, for Disneyland AREA
Acrobat’s wear TIGHTS
Adds fuel to FEEDS
Alternative to ‘bro’ DUDE
Arctic shelter IGLOO
As an alternative ELSE
Asked on bended knee PLED
Be a bother to VEX
Be optimistic HOPE
Be ready to burst, maybe BULGE
Bouillon bits CUBES
Brazilian hot spot, informally RIO
Buttes’ big brothers MESAS
Catching Z’s ASLEEP
Cause of sniffles COMMONCOLD
Chamber music reed OBOE
Colgate container TUBE
Common first course SOUP
Cornfield puzzle MAZE
Crusty bakery buy KAISERROLL
Debate basis TOPIC
Did a ghost’s work, maybe WROTE
Don’t allow to lapse RENEW
Eject, as molten lava SPEW
Empty words of promise LIPSERVICE
Evergreens with supple wood YEWS
Exceed 21, in blackjack BUST
Eye of ___ (witches’ brew need) NEWT
Folklorist’s account TALE
From square one AGAIN
Gooey sandwiches MELTS
Greet Judge Judy, e.g RISE
Groundskeeper’s building SHED
Herb in much salami SAGE
Herbicide victim WEED
Clues Answers
Impediments to teamwork, often EGOS
iPad model MINI
Knightly pursuits QUESTS
Lecherous looks OGLES
Like a nail-biter TENSE
Like working oxen YOKED
Links hazards TRAPS
Magazine shop fixtures RACKS
Mets farmhand Tebow TIM
Mournful song DIRGE
Moved like a crab SIDLED
Needs firming up SAGS
Nightstand topper LAMP
Off-the-wall BIZARRE
Particle in a chemical bond ION
Passes, and then some ACES
Picks at NAGS
Proves superior to CONQUERS
Quartet with a Stockholm museum ABBA
Raised-hackles feeling IRE
Reacts to a bad call BOOS
Report unfairly SKEW
Sedimentary rock layers STRATA
Self-defense spray MACE
Show with Daily Doubles JEOPARDY
Sign of sorrow or joy TEARS
Skillful enough ABLE
Some zoo house dwellers APES
Sound from a pride ROAR
Survive, barely EXIST
Symbol on a first-aid kit REDCROSS
The whole enchilada ALL
Took off after CHASED
Uncool type DORK
Unstructured recess, e.g FREEPLAY
Winter-conditions vehicles SNOCATS
Word after cream or crumb CAKE
___ one’s way (meanders) WENDS