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USA Today – May 7 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Como se ___?’ LLAMA
‘Don’t Go to Strangers’ singer Jones ETTA
‘I did NOT need to know that’ TMI
‘I’ve got no clue’ BEATSME
‘Near, ___, wherever you are . . .’ FAR
‘We hold these truths to be ___-evident . . .’ SELF
A celebrity might be asked for one AUTOGRAPH
Apple desktop computer IMAC
Aussie boots UGGS
Bench with a kneeler PEW
Bike shop amenity AIR
Bit of forensic evidence DNATEST
Bit of snow FLAKE
Car DJ’s place, often FRONTSEAT
Chromosome part GENE
Citation-shortening abbreviation ETAL
City aka the 305 MIAMI
Commercials ADS
Competition involving ovens BAKEOFF
Degree involving a defense PHD
Delayed LATE
Emma Watson’s ‘Little Women’ role MEG
Escape vehicle POD
Exchanges SWAPS
Fall behind LAG
Featured dish SPECIAL
Feudal laborers SERFS
Finest BEST
Flaxseed product OIL
Floral symbol of the Netherlands TULIP
French for ‘me’ MOI
Gets money in return for SELLS
Hair that might be laid EDGES
Hayek who played Kahlo SALMA
Helpful key for Python coding TAB
High-ceiling apartment, often LOFT
Ifill in the NABJ Hall of Fame GWEN
Inheritor’s payment ESTATETAX
Instruction in some tofu recipes SEAR
IUD, by another name COIL
Largest loch by volume NESS
Like a clammy cave DANK
Lovelace considered the first computer programmer ADA
Many a meeting could have been one EMAIL
Not new USED
Pad brand KOTEX
Passionate types, in astrology FIRESIGNS
Penobscot state MAINE
Pole on a ship MAST
Prefix for ‘physical’ META
Queries ASKS
Really impress AMAZE
Religious leader IMAM
Silo stuff GRAIN
Smallest Great Lake by volume ERIE
Some brews ALES
Spherical map GLOBE
Spooky EERIE
Spotted SEEN
St. Louis Bread Co., by another name PANERA
Stitch SEW
Studying set FLASHCARDS
Sugarcane-derived spirit RUM
Tennis divider NET
The Pleasure Seekers, for one GARAGEBAND
The thing right here THIS
Tried to hurt SPITED
Unadulterated PURE
Understand GROK
Units of maize EARS
Wax stamp SEAL
Wilts SAGS
Word before ‘circle’ or ‘peace’ INNER
___ firma TERRA
___ Mutant Ninja Turtles TEENAGE
___ school (destination for some bio majors) MED
___ up (assessed) SIZED