USA Today – May 7 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘All bets ___ off’ ARE
‘And you?’ in Spanish YTU
‘Choose any!’ TAKEYOURPICK
‘Ew, gross!’ ICK
‘I promise I won’t ask again!’ JUSTTHISONCE
‘I ___ a Dream’ HAVE
‘Is that so?’ YEAH
‘Please visit again!’ COMEBACKSOON
‘Sorry, this seat’s ___’ TAKEN
‘Star Trek: Discovery’ character Adira ___ TAL
‘That had to hurt’ OOF
‘The Baby-Sitters Club’ actor Xochitl GOMEZ
‘Uno’ in English ONE
‘___, I’m Ready’ (Barbara Mason hit) YES
1/12 of a foot INCH
51-Down portrayer Alaqua COX
Address with an @ EMAIL
Asana POSE
Avoid embarrassment SAVEFACE
Beyonce genre POP
Big Apple school NYU
Chopped up into cubes DICED
Cinderella team’s tale, e.g SUCCESSSTORY
Composer Bowers KRIS
Conch or puka, e.g SHELL
Crunchy deli sammies BLTS
Curved structure ARCH
Delude DUPE
Direction opposite NNW SSE
Eid al-Fitr meal FEAST
Exam for Elle Woods LSAT
Feeling after a pole-dancing class ACHE
Final trio of the alphabet XYZ
First-aid ___ KIT
Former NHL player who wrote ‘Black Ice’ VALJAMES
Gay anthem with a letter-based dance YMCA
Genetic substance in the game Eterna RNA
Glasses protector CASE
Have a meal DINE
Kind treatment, for short TLC
Like most sushi fish RAW
Like son jarocho music AFROMEXICAN
Like super bright colors NEON
Make a choice OPT
Marries WEDS
Ms. ___-Man (pellet-chomping arcade character) PAC
Nondairy milk source OAT
Not strict LAX
Nowhere to be found GONE
Opposite of more LESS
Pair used in some X Games events SKIS
Payment promise IOU
Pet rodent RAT
Prohibit BAN
Rihanna’s zodiac sign PISCES
Root veggie in key sir alicha BEET
Safety items for acrobats NETS
Seal skin coats PARKAS
Shape of an Othello piece DISC
Showed the way LED
Small horse PONY
Soccer great Hamm MIA
Solemn vow OATH
Some bindi shapes OVALS
State of mind documented in a period-tracking app MOOD
Sunbeam RAY
Superhero alter ego for Maya Lopez ECHO
Supermodel Alek WEK
Sword for Curtis McDowald EPEE
The ‘i’ in fwiw ITS
Treaty PACT
Work with thread SEW
Writing tools PENS
Yogurt for balancing spicy flavors RAITA
___ Lankan SRI

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