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USA Today – May 8 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Feed me, human!’ MEOW
‘Pamela’ band TOTO
‘Style ___’ (1983 documentary) WARS
‘War and Peace’ author Tolstoy LEO
‘You know nothing, Jon ___’ SNOW
‘___ the Love Has Gone’ AFTER
26-Across passenger ANIMAL
Actor who played Doc Ock ALFREDMOLINA
Afro-Cuban dance RUMBA
Alternative to mobile data WIFI
Antetokounmpo’s league NBA
Attract LURE
Baby seal or mouse PUP
Base’s opposite ACID
Battle head-to-head DUEL
Bean variety PINTO
Bedeviling PLAGUING
Beyond amazing EPIC
Biblical transport ARK
Bicep exercise CURL
Brenner Pass range ALPS
Bunch of bees SWARM
Cake in the bathroom SOAP
Car dealer’s deal, often LEASE
Casino city near Tahoe RENO
Cheese on a Greek salad FETA
Chest muscle, for short PEC
Co-founder of Sony AKIOMORITA
Coat that goes on before paint PRIMER
Dine at a restaurant EATOUT
Do an impression of IMITATE
Equitable FAIR
Evidence of an old injury SCAR
Extra feature ADDON
French agreement OUI
Hawaiian feasts LUAUS
Helicopter blade ROTOR
Homes in an aviary NESTS
Hot drink COCOA
Image saved on your phone, perhaps MEME
India pale ___ ALE
Key related to B-flat major GMINOR
Kind ILK
Lack of problems EASE
Long, long times EONS
Lorelai managed one on ‘Gilmore Girls’ INN
Metaphor for bureaucracy REDTAPE
Model Chanel IMAN
Moderately fast gait TROT
No ifs, ___ or buts ANDS
Nobel-winning Canadian author ALICEMUNRO
Novi Sad local SERB
Number of Supreme Court seats NINE
Observed SEEN
One of the Three Bears MAMA
Ornate part of a belt, perhaps BUCKLE
Part of a range (Abbr.) MTN
Problem with plumbing or security LEAK
Ran away FLED
Reacts in horror SCREAMS
Rich cake GATEAU
Roused from sleep WOKE
Sassiness, for short TUDE
Skirt alternative PANTS
Slanted article OPED
Snide comments SNARK
Some offspring SONS
Suffix for ‘Japan’ ESE
Support for a ballerina en pointe TOE
They might order ‘the usual’ REGULARS
Thing a plant puts down ROOT
Tricolor cats CALICOS
Venue for a big concert ARENA
Word after ‘concept’ or ‘conceptual’ ART
Word in a futbol chant OLE
Worker’s group UNION
World leader with a doctorate in quantum chemistry ANGELAMERKEL
Wrinkle remover IRON