USA Today – May 8 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Aww, you’re ___ kind!’ TOO
‘Do you ___ my drift?’ GET
‘I’d like to know . . .’ TELLMESOMETHING
‘I’m a klutz!’ OOPS
‘Last Night in Soho’ actress Diana RIGG
‘No ___’ (‘We’re not family’) RELATION
‘See if ___!’ ICARE
35,385 square miles, for Maine AREA
A versatile tool has many USES
Abdominal exercise SITUP
Activist’s passion CAUSE
Asian region that celebrates Seollal KOREA
Beef or pork cuts LOINS
Broadway backdrops SETS
Chapati flour ATTA
Cross the threshold GOIN
Crossed paths MET
Cutesy suffix for ‘most’ EST
Degree for some execs MBA
Diced raw fish dish POKE
Discontinue something PULLTHEPLUG
Discussion venue FORUM
Doc for furry friends VET
Dog’s sound ARF
English teacher’s assignment ESSAY
Face towel holder ROD
Fashionable once again RETRO
Flavor in kelp and bonito flakes UMAMI
Flavor-enhancing additive (Abbr.) MSG
Frances McDormand plays one in a 2020 film NOMAD
Giant kelp’s habitat SEA
Go ___ (ignore orders) ROGUE
Heilongjiang’s continent ASIA
Helium or hydrogen GAS
High school dance PROM
Horror movie staples MONSTERS
Impatient reply to ‘Can we get it to you later?’ ILLBEWAITING
In need of a massage SORE
Inner turmoil ANGST
Kick out EXPEL
Kung pao snow ___ PEAS
Lacrosse score GOAL
Like Wiccans PAGAN
Little troublemaker IMP
Livid emotion IRE
Makes less severe EASES
Nature trail references MAPS
Non-___ foods GMO
Opposite of lose GAIN
Out of the ordinary UNUSUAL
Pest on a kitty FLEA
Pond fish with an utsurimono variety KOI
Praise highly EXALT
Prefix meaning ‘four’ TETRA
Pu’er or pekoe, e.g TEA
Race that’s 26.2 miles long MARATHON
Rap battle prop MIC
Responsibility ONUS
Rods on hot rods AXLES
Shape of some honey containers BEAR
Shoe part that can break off HEEL
Side dish that might use basmati RICEPILAF
Spicy green condiment WASABI
State west of Idaho OREGON
Stately tree ELM
Tahini amt TSP
Tarot reader, e.g SEER
Teensy bit IOTA
Thus far ASYET
Tick off RILE
Tries doing something GIVESITAGO
Two of a kind PAIR
Units of mass (Abbr.) LBS
Water bowl user PET
Wheelchair safety mechanism BRAKE
___ Lauder ESTEE
___ out (reaches the limit) MAXES

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