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USA Today – May 9 2018

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Clues Answers
‘A mouse!’ EEK
‘Bro!’ DUDE
‘Fingers crossed!’ HOPESO
‘One more thing . . .’ ALSO
‘Who’s Who’ entries, briefly BIOS
‘___ on a true story’ BASED
1953 Alan Ladd western SHANE
Area 51 creatures, it’s said ETS
Artfully avoid DODGE
Autumn leaves shade OCHER
Big name in jeans LEE
Blood-related AKIN
Body-piercing site NAVEL
Bowled over INAWE
Brief, like a tweet TERSE
Collection of treasures TROVE
Color chart selections HUES
Crystal-lined rock GEODE
Deck ruiner DRYROT
Emotionally demanding NEEDY
Fail to mention OMIT
Farmer’s place of song DELL
Financially secure SET
Fish caught in pots EELS
Fries source, informally TATERS
Go here and there ROVE
Goes ballistic RANTS
Goes sky-high SOARS
Golden Rule word UNTO
Golfers’ shirts POLOS
Gossip that’s ‘dished’ DIRT
Heeds the bailiff RISES
Interviewer, often BOSS
Justice Kagan ELENA
Kegger libation DRAFTBEER
Kimmel, for the 2018 Oscars HOST
Leaf opening PORE
Level or bevel TOOL
Clues Answers
Light a fire under AROUSE
Lightbulb, in comics IDEA
Like a cigar bar SMOKY
Loses one’s coat SHEDS
Many a microbrew ALE
Marvin of Motown GAYE
Mob informers RATS
Norwegian home of the Munch Museum OSLO
Not as prevalent RARER
Nursery buy PLANT
Nursery buy TREE
Partner of anon EVER
Pesticide banned in 1972 DDT
Place for basic learning GRADESCHOOL
Poor Yelp rating ONESTAR
Pops, like a bubble BURSTS
Pro ___ (in proportion) RATA
Probate concerns ESTATES
Pub projectile DART
Ralph who rapped the Corvair NADER
Redding of R&B OTIS
Reflexology areas SOLES
Riveted to the TV, say RAPT
Rum go-with COLA
Say ‘pretty please’ BEG
Scotch holder, perhaps SHOTGLASS
Scout’s discovery TALENT
See eye to eye AGREE
Sharif of ‘Che!’ OMAR
Some linemen ENDS
Suppress, as a yawn STIFLE
Tippy-top ACME
Uber patrons RIDERS
Veggie in some chips KALE
Web-footed carnivore OTTER
Well-mannered POLITE
When many stores open ATNINE
Word on Irish euros EIRE
Zion National Park locale UTAH