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USA Today – May 9 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Didn’t hear you’ WHAT
‘I’m clueless!’ BEATSME
‘Lust, Caution’ director Lee ANG
‘Mamma Mia!’ group ABBA
22-Across part TEST
66, historically ROUTENUMBER
Andean wool source LLAMA
Apollo program feat MOONLANDING
Arthur on a U.S. stamp ASHE
Aspiring JD’s exam LSAT
Audiologist’s concern EAR
Barely adequate MINIMAL
Bathtub murder victim of 1793 MARAT
Big name in chicken TYSON
Blue Ribbon beer PABST
Bonfire remnant EMBER
Castle defense MOAT
Cinnabon stand come-on AROMA
Couples-carrying craft ARK
Crystal-filled rock GEODE
Diet brand word LITE
Draw upon TAPINTO
Easy infield chances POPUPS
Election day list SLATE
Energy Star org EPA
Eva or Juan in ‘Evita’ PERON
Fearsome striped fish TIGERSHARK
Femmes fatales VAMPS
Fish with a long 11-Across GAR
For all to see OVERT
Guantanamo locale CUBA
Haagen-Dazs holder CONE
Hamm of soccer MIA
Handy bags TOTES
Handy sources of cash ATMS
Having missed the boat LATE
Home care pro LPN
Home to much of the Silk Road ASIA
Hunter’s quarry GAME
Jazz club get-together JAMSESSION
Keen, as a sports buff AVID
Kilauea output ASH
Labor activist Chavez CESAR
Lacking a key ATONAL
Like a spoiled kid BRATTY
Like petting-zoo animals DOCILE
Like pools on a beach TIDAL
Mayberry tyke OPIE
Member of Hook’s crew SMEE
Mind-altering drug OPIATE
Mountaineer’s stop LEDGE
Munich ___ of 1938 PACT
Off the wall STRANGE
On the same side ALLIED
One of the Little Women MEG
One squat, say REP
Pasta sauce brand PREGO
Poet’s muse ERATO
President after Madison MONROE
Rational thinking REASON
Ready-made PC images CLIPART
Russian-born deco designer ERTE
Sgt., e.g NCO
Sidesplitter RIOT
Skunk’s giveaway ODOR
Smart TV brand RCA
Song in a libretto ARIA
Spherical veggies, in rhyme PEASE
Surveyor’s finding AREA
Taiwanese PC giant ACER
The lyrical Gershwin IRA
Uppercut target JAW
Versifier’s ‘before’ ERE
Was a naysayer VOTEDNO
Waterway named for Bering STRAIT
Wound remnant SCAR