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USA Today – May 9 2020 – Crossword Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘My word!’ GOSH
‘Remember, I’m new at this’ GOEASYONME
‘Scooby-___, Where Are You!’ DOO
‘Wow!’ MAN
‘___ culpa’ MEA
‘___ ora!’ (Maori greeting) KIA
Actor-director Longoria EVA
Back ___ again ATIT
Bag with handles TOTE
Behaves ACTS
Bit of creativity IDEA
Brief quarrel SPAT
Capital of Peru LIMA
Cleared of snow, perhaps PLOWED
Contact online EMAIL
Dance style with a Hall of Fame in Euclid, Ohio POLKA
Deceives, in a way LEADSON
DMVs issue them IDS
Elite squad ATEAM
Engine sound VROOM
English, in Spanish INGLES
Female horses MARES
Folks KIN
French article LES
Fried rice ingredient EGG, PEA
Fruit of the Loom competitor HANES
German article DAS
Grew older AGED
Had a meal at home ATEIN
IA time zone CST
In the area LOCAL
Income for waiters TIPS
Infuriated IRATE
Is under the weather AILS
It might be turned or stemmed TIDE
Japan’s seventh-largest city KYOTO
Kept at ___ length ARMS
Letter after upsilon PHI
Like some cakes TIERED
Made a sound like a pig OINKED
Name that’s 47-Down minus a letter EMIL
Neighbor of Ghana TOGO
Not acknowledge DENY
Not yet here TOCOME
Only three-letter element TIN
Opponent of good EVIL
Pedi’s partner MANI
Phone plan subject DATA
Pre-holiday observance EVE
Rainbow color VIOLET
Real good PRIMO
Salsa color VERDE
Singer Stefani GWEN
Sliding vehicle SLED
Smoothed down SANDED
Spoken ORAL
Sport with paddles PICKLEBALL
Starting point BASE
Sushi fish EEL
The field of film CINEMA
Titled NAMED
Toilet paper unit PLY
Tropical tree PALM
TV show starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin GRACEANDFRANKIE
TV show that’s the eighth series in its franchise STARTREKPICARD
TV show whose protagonist wears a red hat CARMENSANDIEGO
Wandering type NOMAD
Watch part FACE
Weekend getaway spot SPA
Yard tube HOSE
___ chi ch’uan TAI
___ mater ALMA
___ Tome and Principe SAO