USA Today – May 9 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘I’ve got it!’ AHA
‘If ___ Street Could Talk’ BEALE
‘Nomadland’ director Chloe ZHAO
‘Son of,’ in Arabic names IBN
‘Suuure’ UHHUH
‘True Detective’ star Mahershala ALI
‘We ___ to inform you . . .’ REGRET
Accomplishes DOES
Apartment payment RENT
Box spring alternatives SLATS
Brew made from honey MEAD
Brew that might have honey added TEA
Cambodia’s continent ASIA
Cartoonist associated with overly complicated machines RUBEGOLDBERG
Celeb gossip site TMZ
Chinese dynasty associated with vases MING
Class before calc TRIG
Coffee brewing method DRIP
Concludes ENDS
Considered overnight SLEPTON
D&D or WoW genre RPG
Dancer in a tutu BALLERINA
Diatribes RANTS
Double agent, for example SPY
Entrance hall FOYER
Feeling with a German name ANGST
Fenty Beauty founder, to fans RIH
Former WNBA team that shared an arena with the Heat MIAMISOL
Granny ___ apple SMITH
Hagar’s daughter HONI
Hairstyle for Colin Kaepernick AFRO
Hockey org NHL
Ignore a ‘no spoilers’ request RUINTHEENDING
It can be obtuse or acute ANGLE
Jafar’s parrot in ‘Aladdin’ IAGO
Jaguars, Bengals or Panthers TEAM
Like sourdough TANGY
Lose your cool PANIC
Magazine with a Power 100 list EBONY
Mattress company with sheep mascots SERTA
Nancy’s best friend SLUGGO
Not pre- or post- MID
Not quite right AMISS
Number of legs on a crab TEN
OB-___ GYN
Ohio’s Great Lake ERIE
Oklahoma city that was home to Black Wall Street TULSA
Parts of private convos on Twitter DMS
Pasta that may be stuffed SHELLS
Period before Easter LENT
Period of time STINT
Person, place or thing NOUN
Piggy bank opening SLOT
Pleasing smell AROMA
Polynesian Disney princess MOANA
Radiate EMIT
Repeated joke RUNNINGGAG
Rice-A-___ RONI
Show the ropes TEACH
Sign gas NEON
Singer Franklin ERMA
Some fasteners SNAPS
Spanish for ‘boy’ NINO
Spew like a volcano ERUPT
Storm tracking devices RADARS
Streetcar TRAM
Superman, for one ADOPTEE
Tech co. that created Watson IBM
The E in ESL (Abbr.) ENG
The first 12 months YEARONE
Trick or ___ TREAT
Way of walking GAIT
Wild party RAGER
Word after ‘Mother’ or ‘human’ NATURE
___cadabra ABRA

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