USA Today – Nov 10 2018

Clues Answers
‘Baseball’ documentarian Burns KEN
‘Get busy on that!’ DOIT
‘Mommywood’ author Spelling TORI
‘New Look’ designer Christian DIOR
‘Terrible’ czar IVAN
‘Tijuana Taxi’ trumpeter Herb ALPERT
‘Toodle-oo’ TATA
A drawbridge may span one MOAT
Act as lookout for, perhaps ABET
Actor Rob or Chad LOWE
Alley-___ (hoops play) OOP
Appeared on the horizon LOOMED
Assigned stars to, say RATED
Belching flames AFIRE
Blood-typing letters ABO
Box with a partner SPAR
Caffeine-laden nut KOLA
Carlsbad Caverns dwellers BATS
Cola introduced in 1905 ROYALCROWN
Come to pass OCCUR
Coral or Sargasso SEA
Craft in Disney’s ‘Pocahontas’ CANOE
Day one OUTSET
Do a greasy spoon chore BUS
Door ding, e.g DENT
Email folder heading SENT
Embassy staffer ATTACHE
Emoticon eyes, often COLON
English horn relative OBOE
Enjoy with relish SAVOR
Food truck snack TACO
For all to hear ALOUD
Fraction of a square mile ACRE
Full of energy GOGO
Futurist of sorts SEER
Garfield’s foil ODIE
German autos with lightning bolt logos OPELS
Give or take ABOUT
Go for a rebound LEAP
Hammer-wielding god THOR
Harding administration scandal TEAPOTDOME
Image on a quarter, until 1998 EAGLE
In this manner LIKESO
Inheritance, of a sort GENES
Italian auto, informally ALFA
Lacrosse score GOAL
Landmass in Risk ASIA
Like a saved seat TAKEN
Like an unpaired sock ODD
Longhorns’ gridiron rivals AGGIES
Louis who taught the blind BRAILLE
Most tailless primates APES
Naval forces ARMADAS
Packs, as a pipe bowl TAMPS
Pain-management injection NERVEBLOCK
Pekingese and Pomeranian TOYS
Place to order steamers CLAMBAR
Plumlike fruits SLOES
Radio hobbyist HAM
Record label owned by Sony RCA
Salad bar veggie CUKE
San Francisco Bay city ALAMEDA
Showing bias PARTIAL
Slaughter in Cooperstown ENOS
Social insects ANTS
Stage after larva PUPA
Succulent houseplant ALOE
Suffix for the well-to-do AIRE
Sweeney Todd was one BARBER
Swerves off course YAWS
Tailless primate HUMAN
Tubular floating toy POOLNOODLE
TV mag listing SKED
Tyrolean tune YODEL
Way past one’s prime AGED
Well-supplied with inventory STOCKED
Where life begins WOMB
Yielded to pressure CAVED

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