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USA Today – Nov 12 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘And personally . . .’ ASFORME
‘I’ll take that challenge!’ YOUREON
‘Lady and the ___’ TRAMP
‘May Day ___’ (Nick Joaquin short story) EVE
‘P-Valley’ lawyer ANDRE
‘Sure, let’s do it!’ IMIN
‘That’s rough, buddy’ OOF
‘The City We Became,’ e.g NOVEL
‘To repeat . . .’ ISAID
‘You ___ lying!’ WERENT
‘___ be upon you’ (translation of ‘As-salamu alaykum’) PEACE
1943 copper penny, e.g RARECOIN
A couple TWO
Abbr. in company names INC
Candy sold in ropes NERDS
Circle parts RADII
Circle parts ARCS
City where the Dream play (Abbr.) ATL
Covered with soft feathers DOWNY
Cross the ___ LINE
Desert-dry ARID
Dog parasite FLEA
Dune makeup SAND
Encouraged EGGEDON
Exhilarated exclamation WHEE
Expend USE
Fasten with ties BIND
Flip over UPEND
Get more specific ADDDETAIL
Gives an answer RESPONDS
Had food ATE
High-up nest AERIE
Hog food SLOP
In the area LOCAL
It begins in March (Abbr.) DST
Knee part, for short ACL
Life force CHI
Light-regulating eye part IRIS
like the letters in this clue ALLLOWERCASE
Limbo item BAR
Make revisions to EDIT
Mental picture IMAGE
Mineral that’s a one on the Mohs scale TALC
Music genre invented in Detroit TECHNO
Musical performance OPERA
Musical performance RECITAL
Native people in Arizona and Sonora TOHONOOODHAM
Navigation aid for a bat ECHO
October birthstone OPAL
Orchard planting TREE
Person you look up to HERO
Pie nut PECAN
Planets WORLDS
Popcorn holders TUBS
Projects for some developers APPS
Sacred towers PAGODAS
Scheduling letters TBA
See 6-Across PIES
Sign of happiness, perhaps TEAR
Skirt style MIDI
Solar or lunar event ECLIPSE
Spanish for ‘look’ MIRA
Stingy person MISER
Surname that sounds like a conjunction ORR
Televise AIR
Thorough INDEPTH
Triangle sounds DINGS
Trickle slowly SEEP
Very sad TRAGIC
Waterfall’s place CLIFFFACE
Went overlong RANON
Wheat variety SPELT
With 68-Across, baked dishes that might contain corn chips TACO
Word before ‘home’ or ‘pack’ STARTER
Young fellas LADS
___ Milaje (Wakanda protectors) DORA