USA Today – Nov 13 2018

Clues Answers
‘Are we having fun ___?’ YET
‘Dracula’ novelist Stoker BRAM
‘Is this the spot?’ HERE
‘The Highwayman’ poet Alfred NOYES
‘The Zoo Story’ playwright Edward ALBEE
‘___ of God’ (Fonda movie) AGNES
1952 Winter Olympics city OSLO
All there, so to speak SANE
Baptism or confirmation RITE
Bugling beast ELK
Cartographic closeup INSET
Casual dining chain since 1972 RUBYTUESDAY
Chamonix’s range ALPS
Channel markers BUOYS
Circular deli item BAGEL
Colorful Italian dessert SPUMONI
Congress divider AISLE
Corn syrup brand KARO
D.C. insiders POLS
D.C.’s D or C AVE
December airs NOELS
Device with tumblers LOCK
Dish of assorted veggies RELISHTRAY
Easily deceived NAIVE
Fatty acid, e.g LIPID
Final bio OBIT
Flightless bird of the pampas RHEA
Galileo Galilei Airport city PISA
Goes nowhere STAYS
Grace word BLESS
Gradually recedes EBBS
Grand Canyon overlook area RIM
Grant factor, often NEED
Guy’s partner GAL
Happy hour spot BAR
Home to many Pacific Rim nations ASIA
Horses and zebras EQUINES
Ibsen’s Mrs. Helmer NORA
In sorry shape SEEDY
Jewish holiday when the Book of Esther is read PURIM
Job for a cleanup crew MESS
KFC serving BREAST
Kid-lit skater Brinker HANS
Lenders’ claims LIENS
Like a French door PANED
Like a well-worn tire BALD
Like Andersen’s duckling UGLY
Make less complicated EASE
Many a Club Med locale ISLE
Meal with matzo SEDER
Moisten in the oven BASTE
Music schools’ offerings LESSONS
Occupy the throne RULE
Polly and Em of fiction AUNTS
Pot starter ANTE
Precedence on the road RIGHTOFWAY
Prefix with dermis or center EPI
Prefix with dynamic AERO
President after Grant HAYES
Presidential coin denomination ONE
Pungent bulbs ONIONS
Quarterback sneak, e.g RUNNINGPLAY
Road trip expenses TOLLS
Seek divine guidance PRAY
Splenda alternative EQUAL
Steinway’s 88 KEYS
Strike out, in baseball FAN
Swahili’s language group BANTU
Tartan-wearing group CLAN
The Badger State (Abbr.) WIS
Title for Byron LORD
TV mob boss SOPRANO
Two cents, so to speak SAY
Visibly dumbstruck AGAPE
What a red X may indicate ERROR
Word after Iron or Ice AGE
Yale Bowl player ELI
Yucatan native MAYA

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