USA Today – Nov 14 2018

Clues Answers
‘Field of Dreams’ state IOWA
‘I’m mad!’ GRR
‘Professional Widow’ singer Tori AMOS
‘Topaz’ novelist Leon URIS
2018 award for Tom Brady ESPY
25-Down part of a telecast AUDIO
640 acres SQUAREMILE
Abrasive on a board EMERY
Abyssinian’s sound PURR
Acts as a substitute STANDSIN
Airport boarding site GATE
All hyped up EDGY
Ankara native TURK
Bandmate of Lennon STARR
Birds in gaggles GEESE
Boot camp arrival RAWRECRUIT
Butler at 47-Down RHETT
Capitol Hill worker AIDE
Cheese in a mousetrap, e.g BAIT
Chew out BERATE
Church dignitary PRELATE
Color similar to electric blue AQUA
Component of half-and-half SWEETCREAM
Cook’s splatter guard APRON
Cub or Cardinal BIGLEAGUER
Deliberately avoid SHUN
Doesn’t enunciate SLURS
Dust bunny component LINT
Emerson, Lake & Palmer, e.g TRIO
Epitome of slipperiness EEL
Fictional estate south of Atlanta TARA
Finance major’s deg MBA
Gullible type SIMP
Has a gabfest YAKS
Hatchlings’ homes NESTS
Have regrets about RUE
Highway crew installations SIGNS
Inflates, as a bill PADS
Internet delays LAGS
It’s sometimes called ‘fake’ NEWS
Its third line is often ‘TOZ’ EYECHART
Leave high and dry STRAND
Like an uncirculated penny SHINY
Loudspeaker output SOUND
Louisiana’s state bird PELICAN
Military vet’s account WARSTORY
Name on a blimp GOODYEAR
Ocean predator with an acute sense of smell SHARK
Particles in solar wind IONS
Patio material, perhaps CEMENT
Peanut morsel, in peanut butter CHUNK
Pig out BINGE
Poker pair TENS
Polo of ‘Meet the Parents’ TERI
Poolside seat CHAISE
Public persona IMAGE
Put up with STAND
Rudely abrupt CURT
Run up a tab OWE
Sauce in a tiny packet SOY
Second-largest Hawaiian island MAUI
Self-satisfied SMUG
Site for a bite EATERY
Stabs with a toothpick SPEARS
Store securely STOW
Stud farm horse SIRE
Sunlight-on-water effect GLINT
Swallow noisily GULP
Talk up TOUT
Telemarketer’s success ORDER
Tough to climb STEEP
TV test episode PILOT
Weeps audibly SOBS
What docs prescribe MEDS
Wine and dine WOO
Wine’s aroma NOSE
Young fellows LADS

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