USA Today – Nov 15 2018

Clues Answers
Afternoon reception TEA
Airline with a star in its logo ELAL
Apt to mouth off PERT
As bad as it gets WORST
Audit org IRS
Basic training figure DRILLINSTRUCTOR
Be too personal PRY
Be too personal, with ‘around’ NOSE
Biblical ‘garden of God’ EDEN
Birthplace of Columbus GENOA
Bucks’ mates DOES
Caramel-and-chocolate candy brand ROLO
Carry on, as war WAGE
Cash in France EURO
Cleopatra’s undoing ASP
Common URL suffix COM
Cornfield cries CAWS
Courier 10 italic, e.g FONT
Dandy’s partner FINE
Daydreaming, e.g ESCAPEMECHANISM
Designer born Romain de Tirtoff ERTE
Diva’s big moment ARIA
Fill a trunk, say PACK
Find a job for USE
Force at the earth’s surface, informally ONEG
Form a coalition UNITE
Give a fresh look to REDO
Gives the thumbs-up to OKS
Got smart WISEDUP
Halfway decent NOTBAD
Hans Brinker’s footwear SKATES
Hard to grab hold of EELY
Hit the campaign trail STUMP
Humbly accept blame EATDIRT
Hurls, as invective SPEWS
Jazz aficionados of yore HEPCATS
Loaves-and-fishes event, e.g MIRACLE
London’s Harrods, e.g DEPARTMENTSTORE
Longoria of ‘Desperate Housewives’ EVA
LP flaw SKIP
Major port of Yemen ADEN
Maker of earthenware POTTER
Mansard roof features EAVES
Metallic character in Oz TINMAN
Moundsmen’s stats ERAS
New Age energy field AURA
No Einstein MORON
Order in the court? WRIT
Pats down, as tobacco TAMPS
Phrase on a receipt SOLDTO
Pigeon’s call COO
Pit stop supply GAS
Popular horse breed ARABIAN
Position at the Masters LIE
Primatologists’ subjects APES
Promising, as one’s future ROSY
Quarterback Roethlisberger BEN
Quite likely APT
Really tick off ENRAGE
Relinquish by treaty CEDE
Reynolds who played ‘Bandit’ BURT
Rice Krispies sound SNAP
Salts at sea TARS
Say ‘tsk!’ to CHIDE
Sewn border HEM
Small part of an iceberg TIP
Some draft selections ALES
Source of ruin BANE
Spandex trademark LYCRA
Stockyard enclosures PENS
Substance for a fiddler ROSIN
Symbol of might OAKTREE
Title for Roger Moore SIR
Trouble for a prison warden RIOT
Two- or three-pointers BASKETS
Unforeseen glitch SNAG
Welles of ‘The Third Man’ ORSON
Without a partner SOLO

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