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USA Today – Nov 15 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Fun ___ . . .’ FACT
‘I do too!’ DITTO
‘I’m innocent!’ WASNTME
‘It’s Raining ___’ MEN
‘Just watch me!’ OHYESICAN
‘My mistake!’ OOPS
‘That’s a good one!’ HAHA
‘The emperor ___ no clothes’ HAS
‘Waterfalls’ group TLC
‘___ Fun’ (Paramore song) AINTIT
‘___ suggestions?’ ANY
A long way off AFAR
About one in every 10 people LEFTY
Albania’s national bird EAGLE
Auction offer BID
Avis alternative ALAMO
Beach bottle letters SPF
Berry sold in frozen puree form ACAI
Bills often found in tip jars ONES
Bottoms of loafers SOLES
Breakfast with rolled oats MUESLI
City home to the Taj Mahal AGRA
City home to the Trevi Fountain ROME
Deliver by parachute DROP
Do extremely well EXCEL
Drilling structures OFFSHOREOILRIGS
Elomi garment BRA
Enclosure with a trough STY
Fender flaw DENT
Fleeting trend FAD
Flexible blackjack card ACE
Flustered shout by a late arriver IMHERE
Goes out of business FOLDS
Heredity unit GENE
Hole in a needle EYE
Incredible bargains STEALS
Inventory items GOODS
Kabayaki fish EELS
Letter after chi PSI
Limitation on some marketing promotions INSTOREONLY
Little chirp PEEP
Longest bone in the body FEMUR
Luau instrument, for short UKE
Maker’s letters DIY
Milan-based fashion label PRADA
Mosquito stopper NET
Move gently EASE
Name that rhymes with Maui HOWIE
Not qualified UNFIT
Old Russian monarchs TSARS
One of five in a pentagon ANGLE
Oomph PEP
Out of patience FEDUP
Play it by ___ EAR
Pretend FEIGN
Provided some assistance HELPED
Put back to the default RESET
Ray with the largest brain of any fish MANTA
Sci-fi vehicle UFO
Sichuan’s continent ASIA
Social standards NORMS
Sportscaster Jenny TAFT
Subtle attention-getter PSST
Sun-dried bricks ADOBES
Swallow noisily GULP
Take the top off of UNCAP
That, in Spanish ESO
The ‘L’ in UNLV LAS
TV channel whose name is an animal FOX
UAE leaders EMIRS
Veggies that look like overgrown green onions LEEKS
Video game area MAP
Weed-whacking tool HOE
Welcome to the family ADOPT
Western ties BOLOS
___ as a whistle CLEAN