USA Today – Nov 17 2018

Clues Answers
‘Rush!’ on a memo ASAP
‘The Haj’ author Leon URIS
‘The Mod Squad’ role LINC
‘___ was saying . . .’ ASI
307 for Wyoming and 808 for Hawaii AREACODES
Abba of Israel EBAN
Assemble hastily RIGUP
Atlas index listing PLACENAME
Basis of the nature of matter ATOMICTHEORY
Basketball’s ___ Globetrotters HARLEM
Big name in fuel additives STP
Brad of ‘Troy’ PITT
Broccoli ___ (bitter vegetable) RABE
Buggy software version, often BETA
Carney of ‘The Honeymooners’ ART
Chest muscle, for short PEC
Chipotle menu item TACO
Chuck-a-luck cube DIE
Connery of 007 movies SEAN
Conservative Brit TORY
Cooks, as steak BROILS
Cool treats ICES
Course with sines, for short TRIG
Ctrl-___-Del ALT
Currency of Iran RIAL
Delta makeup SILT
Do embroidery, e.g SEW
Draws no cards, in poker SITSPAT
Egyptian president before Sadat NASSER
Fedora and fez HATS
Fenway Park locale (Abbr.) BOS
First lady before Michelle LAURA
Gaza Strip governing group HAMAS
Geek Squad customer USER
Genesis victim ABEL
Gourmet seasoning SEASALT
Guilty party, to a cop PERP
Hands on deck CREW
Holy orders, e.g RITE
Home to llamas PERU
Home to most ASIA
In abundance AMPLY
In typical fashion ASUSUAL
Inducing goosebumps EERIE
It’s self-evident BASICTRUTH
Libation with sashimi SAKE
March ___ (Carroll character) HARE
Mental sharpness ACUITY
MSNBC or Fox offering NEWS
Muscle near a 38-Down LAT
Needing realignment BENT
New Haven collegians ELIS
Novelty shop buy MAGICTRICK
Ogden Nash, notably PUNSTER
Pallid-looking ASHY
Pallid-looking PASTY
Periods named for presidents ERAS
Post-grace exhortation EAT
Rapid blinking and throat clearing, for two TICS
Render invalid NEGATE
Sailor’s ‘Halt!’ AVAST
Sandusky’s lake ERIE
Santa ___, Calif ANA
Senatorial assents YEAS
Smith, the ‘Empress of the Blues’ BESSIE
Some patio furniture PICNICTABLES
St. Teresa’s home AVILA
Stowable bed COT
Suffix with soft or glass WARE
Take a whack at TRY
Tittering sound TEHEE
Up and about ASTIR
Verbal zinger BARB
Winning margins, in close horse races NOSES
Wintry coating RIME
Working, as a private investigator ONACASE
[not a typo] SIC
___ Cooper (subcompact) MINI

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