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USA Today – Nov 19 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Aye’ or ‘nay,’ perhaps VOTE
‘Batman’ fight scene word POW
‘Didn’t mean to do that’ SORRY
‘Peanuts’ or ‘Pickles’ COMIC
‘Presumed Innocent’ novelist Turow SCOTT
‘Where we are now’ HERE
Ante’s destination POT
Apple’s ‘jukebox’ IPOD
Ark complements TWOS
Bargain basement containers BINS
Big toe affliction, often GOUT
Bush 41 and 43’s school YALE
Captain Bligh’s mutinied ship BOUNTY
Casual affirmative YEP
Crayon characteristic HUE
Cry out loud SOB
Develop, as a skill ACQUIRE
Devoid of substance INANE
Egg’s silhouette OVAL
Email folder heading SENT
Expel from power OUST
Followed, as a tip ACTEDON
Golden calf, e.g IDOL
Grated citrus peel LEMONZEST
Guitar part NECK
Home to North African pirates BARBARYCOAST
Improvise, to a musician VAMP
It’s all the rage CRAZE
Krugerrand’s weight OUNCE
Legendary loch NESS
Lipstick unit TUBE
Longtime home to Crusoe ISLE
Madonna title role EVITA
Most thickheaded DENSEST
Mr. Potato Head parts NOSES
Narcissist’s display EGO
National Grilling Month JULY
Needing a towel WET
Odometer’s initial reading ZERO
One of ‘A Few Good Men’ MARINE
One of a clown’s pair STILT
One-touch phone feature SPEEDDIAL
Overplay a part EMOTE
Place for a bikini wax SPA
Pulitzer-winning Larry McMurtry novel LONESOMEDOVE
Puts a gleaming finish on SHINES
Puts back to 18-Down RESETS
Radio or TV spots ADS
Safari jacket accessory BELT
Salesperson’s target figure QUOTA
Satisfies the munchies EATS
Saver of the day HERO
Signal to record a message TONE
Simon & Garfunkel, e.g DUO
Skiers’ leg coverings GAITERS
Slain shepherd of scripture ABEL
Soda bottle size LITER
Some Samuel Adams offerings ALES
Spice in pumpkin pie MACE
Sports wunderkind PHENOM
Started a squeeze play BUNTED
Store, as public records ARCHIVE
Surrounded by AMID
Takes a catnap DOZES
Talked nonsense JIVED
Talked nonstop RANON
Thwart, as a crisis AVERT
TV room furniture SOFA
Unconvincing, as an excuse LAME
Unfriendly manner ICINESS
Ungentlemanly sorts CADS
Unwelcome burden ONUS
Victoria’s Secret buy BRA
Water bill datum USAGE
Word after rat or road RACE
Words of enlightenment ISEE
Worse than bad AWFUL
Yosemite grazer ELK