USA Today – Nov 2 2018

Clues Answers
‘Bless you!’ prompter ACHOO
‘Diana’ singer Paul ANKA
‘Oh no! Not ___!’ THAT
‘Skywards,’ in Hebrew ELAL
Administered by spoon ORAL
At an end OVER
Australian territory near Java CHRISTMASISLAND
Billions of years EONS
Blue Angels stunt LOOP
Broken mirror, to some OMEN
Cause to walk on air ELATE
Ceiling spinner FAN
Charlemagne’s domain HOLYROMANEMPIRE
Chef’s extruder RICER
Coat with varnish or lacquer FINISH
Creator in Genesis GOD
Cuisinart setting PUREE
Cures in brine CORNS
Dachshund’s floppy feature EAR
Dog teams’ burdens SLEDS
Drag-and-drop device MOUSE
Dump truck unit LOAD
DVRs plug into them TVS
E-tailer’s incentive FREEDELIVERY
Error remover ERASER
First baseman’s need MITT
Foul-tasting VILE
Galley slaves’ tools OARS
Generations-spanning tale SAGA
Give a razzing to JEER
Go ballistic RANT
Grizzly paw feature CLAW
Heckler’s projectile TOMATO
Iditarod racer’s jacket PARKA
In ___ land (spaced out) LALA
It’s its own square root ONE
Leaves port SAILS
Leslie Caron title role of 1953 LILI
Less likely to be G-rated RACIER
Like a good watchdog ALERT
Like drive-thru orders TOGO
Like sriracha sauce HOT
Makes untidy MUSSES
Metallurgist’s analysis ASSAY
More than impress AWE
National Enquirer competitor STAR
Oldman who played Churchill GARY
Past curfew LATE
Piercing look GAZE
Pivotal WWII date DDAY
Pixar’s first feature-length movie TOYSTORY
Place for a facial SPA
Place for pews NAVE
Polite bloke GENT
Pour vinaigrette on, say DRESS
Prone to mischief IMPISH
Public house libation ALE
Put out, as a signal EMIT
Quantity at Dunkin’ DOZEN
Quieted, as a rusty hinge OILED
Railroad spike hammer MAUL
Ready for the picking RIPE
Refuse to grant DENY
Roll-call response HERE
Short road trip JAUNT
Sound in an empty auditorium ECHO
Strait of Hormuz sultanate OMAN
Symbols on smartphones ICONS
Transmission need FLUID
Vegetable tray condiment DIP
Voting rights org ACLU
Warming mugful COCOA
Ways to the WWW ISPS
Where cold cuts are cut DELI
Work by moviedom’s Mr. Holland OPUS
Works longer than short stories NOVELLAS
___ Hashanah (Jewish New Year) ROSH

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