USA Today – Nov 20 2018

Clues Answers
‘Almighty’ role for Steve Carell EVAN
‘For ___ sake!’ PETES
‘Know your rights’ org ACLU
‘Wheel of Fortune’ option SPIN
‘___ further review . . .’ UPON
About to blow one’s stack IRATE
Acts the shrew NAGS
After-school org PTA
Andy Taylor’s boy OPIE
Anonymous Richard ROE
Awful-tasting VILE
Battery terminal ANODE
Become worn FRAY
Beyond well-done BURNT
Blast from the past OLDIE
Chaotic scenes ZOOS
Church topper STEEPLE
City north of Lisbon, as it’s sometimes known OPORTO
Corrida cheer OLE
Court do-over LET
Didn’t just sit ACTED
Doesn’t waste USES
Edmonton skaters OILERS
Failed to take the gold LOST
First lady McKinley IDA
Fly off the handle ERUPT
Get an eyeful of OGLE
Hacienda drudges PEONS
Hardly terse WORDY
Having neither 30-Across nor 12-Down EVEN
Healthful dessert choice FRUITCUP
In high spirits UPBEAT
Inside-the-Beltway figure, for short POL
Italian wine city ASTI
King of Siam’s visitor ANNA
Lapis lazuli hue AZURE
Like Pinocchio WOODEN
Lovers’ squabble SPAT
Lymphatic system parts NODES
Matlin with a 1987 Oscar MARLEE
Meeting at which candidates are nominated PARTYCONVENTION
Mrs. David Copperfield DORA
Nod’s meaning YES
Not as explicit VAGUER
NYC’s Park or Fifth AVE
Pal of Pooh and Piglet ROO
Pass with ___ colors FLYING
Pirelli product TIRE
Poke fun at RIB
Porridge-eating bear PAPA
Pot builder ANTE
Quarterback’s target RECEIVER
Reactor part CORE
Read between the lines INFER
Second tier of a stadium, perhaps LOGE
Self-righteous sort PRIG
Serpents in hieroglyphics ASPS
Sgt. or cpl NCO
Shelley’s ‘To a Skylark,’ e.g ODE
Show-saving device TIVO
Skate park stunt OLLIE
Slammer at sea BRIG
Sock-in-the-gut reaction OOF
Song sung by Ariel in ‘The Little Mermaid’ PARTOFYOURWORLD
Sophocles or Euripides heroine ELECTRA
Sound from a big cat ROAR
Sport on a 300-yard-long field POLO
Sports ‘zebra,’ for short REF
Stomach woe ULCER
Swarming (with) RIFE
Took the gold WON
Traditional Japanese drama form NOH
Volcano that’s a World Heritage Site ETNA
Ward off REPEL
Wayne ___ (abode above the Batcave) MANOR
Wetlands waders EGRETS
___ size (like much Halloween candy) FUN

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