USA Today – Nov 21 2018

Clues Answers
‘Bossypants’ memoirist Fey TINA
‘Don’t come any closer!’ HALT
‘Is that the truth?’ SWEARONIT
‘Miracle’ team of 1969 METS
‘Pinocchio’ goldfish CLEO
‘Results may ___’ VARY
2017 hurricane IRMA
Apex predator of the sea ORCA
Apple Watch download APP
Art district event GALLERYOPENING
Bamboo-eating bear PANDA
Barnacle’s spot HULL
Bavaria-based automaker AUDI
Brings from the fields REAPS
Calorie-laden cake TORTE
Campbell who sang ‘Galveston’ GLEN
Castigate, with ‘out’ REAM
Chamber music woodwind OBOE
Corvette roof option, once TTOP
County fair setups TENTS
Difficult situation AWKWARDPOSITION
Dredged material SILT
Family gal SIS
Fast-food pork sandwich MCRIB
Floppy storage medium of old DISK
Foundry byproduct SLAG
Garden in a Sistine Chapel mural EDEN
Garlicky sauce AIOLI
German sausage, for short BRAT
Home to urban rats SEWER
Identifies on Facebook TAGS
IllumiNations theme park EPCOT
Iron-fisted ruler DESPOT
Issue to debate TOPIC
Item in a shucking contest OYSTER
Jouster’s ride STEED
Leonine group PRIDE
Make less severe EASE
Monica with nine Grand Slam wins SELES
Monocle, essentially LENS
Mountain goat’s perch CRAG
Org. with merit badges BSA
Parabolic paths ARCS
Picture in a text message EMOJI
Pitch from a sponsor, briefly TVAD
Place for a hoop or stud EAR
Planning session nugget IDEA
Prefix with virus or toxin ANTI
Race town near Windsor Castle ASCOT
Reason to reboot, perhaps ERROR
Reason to use Glade ODOR
Response to ‘Are not!’ AMSO
Rewards for sitting and begging TREATS
Run off to 47-Down ELOPE
Sci-fi crew members ETS
Sewing machine pioneer Howe ELIAS
She was half of ‘Brangelina’ JOLIE
Sign of remorse TEAR
Site for a monitoring device ANKLE
Soup kitchen offering MEAL
Spot for a smartphone peripheral MEMORYCARDSLOT
Stand in for ACTAS
Stand the test of time LAST
Sunflower relative ASTER
Super time BLAST
Throws into the mix ADDS
Tie the knot SAYIDO
Tool in a golf bunker RAKE
Totally befuddle ADDLE
Tried to rip open TOREAT
Underwater habitat of the 1960s SEALAB
Unknown Soldier’s place TOMB
Vegetable soup stock THINBROTH
Word after public or private EYE
Wrapping paper unit ROLL
___ Turnblad (‘Hairspray’ role) EDNA

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