USA Today – Nov 22 2018

Clues Answers
‘Enchanted’ girl of kid-lit ELLA
‘Gandhi’ garments SARIS
‘I can handle it’ LETME
‘Is anybody here?’ HELLO
‘Tomb Raider’ weapons UZIS
Acquired family member INLAW
Admiral’s command FLEET
Aerial daredevil WINGWALKER
Bearers of piglets SOWS
Carefully move past EDGEBY
Catch a whiff of SMELL
Caucus state IOWA
Chinese ‘way’ TAO
Coffee break bite SNACK
College yell syllable RAH
Dairy case cartonful EGGS
Dr. Frankenstein’s workplace LAB
EasyShare camera maker KODAK
End of a bully’s threat ORELSE
Establish objectives SETGOALS
Faux ___ (misstep) PAS
Gaggle member GOOSE
Gaming city on I-80 RENO
Gargoyle’s perch LEDGE
Geography tome ATLAS
Giving the heave-ho to AXING
Greenhouse buy PLANT
Hadn’t yet squared with OWED
Hardcore, as a rooter AVID
Haul to the junkyard SCRAP
Highly desirable job PLUM
Hilarious joke THIGHSLAPPER
Intentionally mislead LIETO
It’s fed at a curb METER
Landscapers’ tools RAKES
Letter after sigma TAU
Lie about idly LAZE
Living Girdle brand PLAYTEX
Loretta who played ‘Hot Lips’ Houlihan SWIT
Marine forest growth KELP
Maroon’s place ISLE
Meyer of ‘Saw’ movies DINA
Mideast airline since 1948 ELAL
Nala, to Simba MATE
None’s antithesis ALL
Not much at all ABIT
Nuts used in making marzipan ALMONDS
Occupied a jury box SAT
On which money doesn’t grow TREES
One of two on a 1959 Cadillac FIN
Opens with a box cutter SLITS
Optician’s creation LENS
Patriotic lapel pin, briefly USFLAG
Period named for a music genre ERA
Pest in a swarm GNAT
Place for a plastic protector, on a shirt BREASTPOCKET
Place to wear a robe SPA
Play for a patsy USE
Progress impeder SNAG
Quantities of nails KEGS
Santa costume part WIG
Scene-stealing performer HAMACTOR
Second Family after the Quayles GORES
Shepherd in Genesis ABEL
Splitter’s share HALF
Subway car danglers STRAPS
Symbol of strength OAK
Take ___ (flabbergast) ABACK
Teaser’s activity LEGPULLING
This answer’s direction DOWN
Thoroughly baffled ATSEA
TNT vendor of cartoons ACME
Travel without destination ROVE
Undulating swimmers EELS
Unreactive, to a chemist INERT
Visits the mess hall EATS
Witches’ blemishes WARTS

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