USA Today – Nov 23 2018

Clues Answers
‘Call Me Maybe’ singer Carly ___ Jepsen RAE
‘It’s clear now’ ISEE
‘Survivor’ dwelling HUT
‘Toodle-oo,’ in textspeak TTYL
‘___ be in touch!’ ILL
‘___ of Me’ (John Legend hit) ALL
‘___ to the West Wind’ ODE
2013 Grammy winners Mumford & ___ SONS
2016 Olympics city, for short RIO
Adult walrus’s weight, approximately TON
Ancient Andean INCA
Attend a party dateless GOSTAG
Attendance record spoiler ABSENCE
Be a noodge to ANNOY
Be in charge RULE
Brother of Huey and Louie DEWEY
Certain to happen ASSURED
Chesapeake Bay catch CRAB
Collectible Ford flop EDSEL
Colorado snowboarding mecca VAIL
Computer bug GLITCH
Cook with intense heat SEAR
Davis of ‘Commander in Chief’ GEENA
Direct-sales beauty brand AVON
Drop from a list OMIT
Elastic bandage brand ACE
Fifth-longest human bone ULNA
Fiscal period YEAR
Gather and bind, as wheat SHEAVE
Geologists’ periods ERAS
Go 1-Across alone FLYSOLO
Hindered the growth of STUNTED
Hold to be DEEM
Interviewer of Vladimir Putin in 2017 and 2018 MEGYNKELLY
Item in an Altoids tin BREATHMINT
Item with a gooseneck, perhaps LAMP
Kurylenko of ‘Oblivion’ OLGA
Lacrosse shoe feature CLEAT
Lascivious look LEER
Letter-turner for Pat VANNA
Like a Frisbee in motion ALOFT
Like old odometers ANALOG
Man’s feminine side, per Jung ANIMA
Monthly overhead RENT
Name on lawn tractors DEERE
One may be studded TIRE
One of Central Park’s 840 ACRE
One of many for ‘Game of Thrones’ EMMY
Partner of ready and willing ABLE
Pod in Creole cuisine OKRA
Polar lights AURORA
Popeye’s adopted son SWEEPEA
Purposely causes a delay BUYSTIME
Real corker LULU
Sacked out SLEPT
Skip town LEAVE
Smaller cousins of a 14-Across VIOLAS
Steel mill byproduct SLAG
Strawberry Fields memorial funder ONO
Sunbather’s mark TANLINE
Tampa Bay team RAYS
The Kardashians’ mother KRIS
Three-toed Aussie birds EMUS
Transpose two numbers, e.g GOOF
Transposed two numbers, e.g ERRED
Uncle Remus term of address BRER
Villainous smile SNEER
Warning on a street sign WRONGWAY
Wheels turned by belts PULLEYS
Wile E. Coyote’s supplier ACME
Willie with 660 homers MAYS
Winston-Salem university WAKEFOREST
Word after fake or breaking NEWS
Word before pick or pack ICE
Yo-Yo Ma’s instrument CELLO
___ Tots (Ore-Ida product) TATER

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