USA Today – Nov 24 2018

Clues Answers
‘A Jew Today’ author Wiesel ELIE
‘Fer cryin’ out loud!’ GEEZ
10, on a scale of one to 10 IDEAL
All keyed up AGOG
Astronomer’s dist LTYR
BA part ARTS
Base’s opposite, on a pyramid APEX
Beauty who loved the Beast BELLE
Blue toon SMURF
Bout of forgetfulness? MEMORYHOLE
Buffalo skater SABRE
Chicken cordon bleu ingredient HAM
Color lighter than teal AQUA
Common Creamsicle flavor ORANGE
Conservationists’ local? GREENUNION
Coward’s countenance? YELLOWFACE
Doll’s word MAMA
Door dings, e.g DENTS
Early Jesse Jackson hairdo AFRO
Earth Day month APRIL
Eliot’s ‘Adam ___’ BEDE
Employee’s parting cry IQUIT
Encircled by AMID
Fare sometimes served with wasabi SASHIMI
Firefighter’s tool AXE
Fish stories TALES
Gave the once-over to EYED
Imminent danger PERIL
In the chips RICH
Jousters’ contests TILTS
Lacoste of tennis RENE
Like a tuna melt CHEESY
Lipstick mishap SMEAR
Loose-sleeved garment RAGLAN
Manual calculator ABACUS
Many a Christmas tree FIR
Many primate house residents APES
Marine mammal of the Everglades MANATEE
Mosquito net material MESH
Nurses at a bar SIPS
Old hand’s opposite TYRO
On the up-and-up, morally ETHICAL
Ones on foot, briefly PEDS
Operating room tool SCALPEL
Oysters’ spot BED
Place for hay LOFT
Place for RVers CAMP
Poetic preposition ERE
Pound a keyboard TYPE
Pre-Easter buys DYES
Preacher’s signoff AMEN
Ramen morsel NOODLE
Ready for combat ARMED
Recover from injury HEAL
Result of a summit meeting, perhaps PACT
Right-to-left stitches PURLS
Sailed through ACED
Sailor’s jacket of old PEACOAT
Separate wheat from chaff THRESH
Shankar selection RAGA
Slippery, in a way EELY
Sloppy joe holders BUNS
StubHub’s parent company EBAY
Sword handle HILT
Tax evaders’ nemeses, for short TMEN
Taylor who played Cleo LIZ
Tell 50-Down LIE
Terrarium amphibians TOADS
The Auld Sod, poetically ERIN
Toon with blue hair MARGE
Tried to drill with a fastball THREWAT
Walking tour aid AREAMAP
Warner Bros. collectibles CELS
Went for a rebound LEAPT
What De Niro would like to do? PUNCHTRUMP
What quibblers split HAIRS
Yell after an errant shot FORE
___ Dhabi ABU

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