USA Today – Nov 25 2018

Clues Answers
‘American Idol’ winner DeWyze LEE
‘So Big’ author Ferber EDNA
‘Swan Lake’ wear BALLETSKIRT
Activist Brockovich ERIN
Apt to vote ‘nay’ ANTI
Bake-off need OVEN
Bishop of the Rat Pack JOEY
Bobby Fischer’s game CHESS
Bro or sis SIB
Casino table fabric FELT
Chum, to a Brit MATEY
Common billing period MONTH
Couldn’t help but HADTO
Decided on CHOSE
Deli salad option EGG
Derisive sound HISS
Did the Australian crawl, e.g SWAM
Diplomatic finesse TACT
Editor’s ‘leave it’ STET
Editor’s insertion mark CARET
Eggs on sushi rolls ROE
Emphasized, like some type BOLD
Flower whose name means ‘star’ ASTER
Giants great Willie MAYS
Gulf of ___ (modern pirates’ realm) ADEN
Hacker’s triumphant cry IMIN
Hard smash on the diamond LINER
Hathaway of ‘Ocean’s 8’ ANNE
Have one’s heart set on COVET
Hawaiian coffee region KONA
Home to Alley Oop CAVE
Honshu port OSAKA
Hook’s underling SMEE
Hot dog on the slopes STUNTSKIER
In need of a rubdown SORE
In the loop AWARE
Kebab holder MEATSKEWER
Key related to B min DMAJ
Like ancient Peruvians INCAN
Like crab apples TART
Little nipper TYKE
Made to prevent slipping NONSKID
Make eligible ENTITLE
Many a Trump message TWEET
Marco Polo journeyed there ASIA
Mortarboard tosser, briefly GRAD
Mr. Peanut prop CANE
Muslim ascetic FAKIR
Name on a pet tag OWNER
NASA ‘walk’ EVA
On the road AWAY
Pea-soupers FOGS
Poe’s ‘ebony bird’ RAVEN
Punsters and quipsters WAGS
Rollerblader’s footwear item STREETSKATE
Scarfed down ATE
Shade similar to ecru TAN
Shipwreck explorer’s need SCUBATANK
Showed courage DARED
Silly goose NINNY
Simmons of KISS GENE
Sold in the bleachers, say HAWKED
Sonata finale, often CODA
Spill the beans TATTLE
Spilled the beans TALKED
Strong suits FORTES
Suffix with soft or spy WARE
Surveyor’s calculation AREA
The first Mrs. Trump IVANA
Tiny, as a bairn WEE
To whom ‘my heart belongs,’ in song DADDY
Touch the tarmac LAND
Ultimately prevailed in battle WONTHEWAR
Unit of 19-Across ACRE
Visibly upset TEARY
Was in charge of RAN
Waste maker, it’s said HASTE
___-friendly (green) ECO

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