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USA Today – Nov 26 2018

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Clues Answers
‘As a result . . .’ THUS
‘Embraceable You’ lyricist IRAGERSHWIN
‘Law & Order’ subject CASE
‘Merry old’ king COLE
‘___ in Boots’ PUSS
22, for Shaq’s shoes SIZE
Alphabetizes, e.g SORTS
Altar’s place, typically APSE
Beatnik’s ‘gotcha’ IDIG
Became frayed WORE
Birds often considered pests CANADAGEESE
BoSox division ALEAST
Came down with GOT
Cardinal number suffix TEEN
Cheech and Chong, e.g DUO
Chops finely HASHES
Colon, in an emoticon EYES
Comes out of hiding EMERGES
Cool Whip container TUB
Copy paper units REAMS
Designs with a laser, say ETCHES
Dish with croutons, perhaps SALAD
Email address symbol ATSIGN
Encampment setup TENT
Form a collective UNITE
Grace word BLESS
Group preceding the millennials GENX
Heads for GOESTO
Hecklers’ sounds JEERS
Hedge clippers sound SNIP
Isn’t straight with JIVES
It’ll drive you to drink THIRST
Khartoum’s river NILE
Lake bordering four states ERIE
LeBlanc of ‘Man With a Plan’ MATT
Like decongestant sprays NASAL
Loll in a hammock LAZE
Make a bonehead move ERR
Many busy-season hirees TEMPS
Maroon 5 vocalist Levine ADAM
Member of a heavenly choir ANGEL
No longer hung up on OVER
Not backing ANTI
One of a matched pair HERS
Opening Day pitcher, usually ACE
Oregon Trail transports WAGONS
Outback runners EMUS
Partners who’ve parted EXES
Peninsular Arab land QATAR
Peron of Argentina EVA
Piglet’s cry SQUEAL
Pitch-black UNLIT
Quint, to another quint SIB
Rap-sheet entry ARREST
Rascally sort SCAMP
Re-entry requirements STUBS
Reef explorer’s equipment SCUBAGEAR
Rotini or fusilli PASTA
Salon job, informally PERM
Seals, to orcas PREY
Shoe material in an Elvis tune SUEDE
Sooner State oil city TULSA
Sounds from a Siamese MEOWS
Spread awkwardly SPLAY
State unequivocally AVER
Stats considered in Cy Young voting ERAS
Straphanger’s buy, once TOKEN
Top tech whiz ALPHAGEEK
Try for a receiver PASS
Turn for the worse RELAPSE
Two-time Billboard Artist of the Year ADELE
Vacationer’s goal, often REST
Warren who played Dick Tracy BEATTY
What’s typical NORM
With all scenes included UNCUT
Word before pad or pool STENO
Word in many shoppe names OLDE
Working diligently ATIT