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USA Today – Nov 29 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Another card, please’ HITME
‘Go back,’ on a PC UNDO
‘In that case . . .’ THEN
‘Nightmare’ street of moviedom ELM
‘This ___ my day!’ ISNT
A Trump son ERIC
Acrobatic team, e.g CIRCUSACT
Additive in much Chinese food MSG
Apres-ski drink COCOA
Arranged like pancakes STACKED
At the peak of ATOP
Ballerinas’ wear TUTUS
Birdbath gunk ALGAE
Boy detective of kid-lit EMIL
Buckeyes’ sch OSU
Center of activity NEXUS
China’s Chairman ___ MAO
Church:priest::mosque:___ IMAM
City transport CAB
Clark Kent’s employer DAILYPLANET
Crock-Pot concoction STEW
Cubes in a tray ICE
Desert largely in Mongolia GOBI
Equestrian’s handful REINS
First African-American quarterback in the Pro Football Hall of Fame WARRENMOON
First lady after Hillary LAURA
Freud’s field, informally PSYCH
Fund, as a university ENDOW
Garth Brooks, notably COUNTRYSTAR
Grants membership to ACCEPTS
Hard-to-define quality XFACTOR
Harder to find RARER
Hatcher who was a Bond girl TERI
Hightailed it FLED
Hoopster Charles Barkley, from 1992 to 1996 PHOENIXSUN
Horrible coffee, slangily MUD
Include discreetly, on an email BCC
King’s domain REALM
Lumberyard equipment SAWS
Magazine about celebrities PEOPLE
Make a quiche, e.g BAKE
Meat-grading org USDA
Mekong River land LAOS
Mollusk in paella MUSSEL
Nash who rhymed ‘Bronx’ with ‘thonx’ OGDEN
Network with a peacock logo NBC
Not quite right ODD
Perp’s photo MUGSHOT
Physically demanding TAXING
Pigtail, e.g BRAID
Places of refuge (var.) ASYLA
Pre-cable TV problem SNOW
Previously unreleased NEW
Prickly pear and saguaro, for two CACTI
Put the kibosh on END
Remove wool from SHEAR
Rice-___ (Quaker Oats brand) ARONI
Sing the praises of TOUT
Sixth word of the Gettysburg Address AGO
Something to whistle TUNE
Sought elected office RAN
Sport in a ring SUMO
Streaming player brand ROKU
Super Soul Sunday host OPRAH
Swelled head EGO
Take under one’s wing MENTOR
The Bee Gees’ surname GIBB
The Beehive State UTAH
Tiny bits IOTAS
Title for Elton John SIR
Totally out of control AMOK
Trademarked MGM sound ROAR
True-to-life REALISTIC
Urban pigeon’s perch LEDGE
Well-versed in UPON
What ‘less’ is, in a saying MORE
Without a stitch on NUDE