USA Today – Nov 3 2018

Clues Answers
‘Big Brother’ network CBS
‘In the work cited’ (Abbr.) OPCIT
‘The Odd Couple’ playwright Simon NEIL
‘___ ‘er rip!’ LET
‘___ Girls’ (Gene Kelly musical) LES
12/24 or 12/31 EVE
1970 No. 1 hit for the Carpenters CLOSETOYOU
Adopter of Stitch, in a Disney movie LILO
Alan who played Severus Snape RICKMAN
Angels superstar Mike TROUT
Arterial implant STENT
Body art, slangily TATS
Candidates for detox ADDICTS
Caribbean resort isle, informally STBARTS
Celebrity chef Guy FIERI
Classic Pontiac muscle car GTO
Cobalt or aqua BLUE
Colosseum outfits TOGAS
Crawfish habitat BAYOU
Current-measuring device AMMETER
Distinctive air AURA
Dogpatch lad ABNER
Drive or putt SHOT
Dumbbell material IRON
Explorer Tasman ABEL
Folklore fiend OGRE
Found contemptible HATED
Go-go dancer’s skirt MINI
Got top marks on ACED
Handyman’s letters DIY
Heidi of ‘America’s Got Talent’ KLUM
Hockey Hall of Famer Dryden KEN
How-to booklet MANUAL
In proper pitch TUNED
Injure severely MAIM
Ivy League school’s website COLUMBIAEDU
Kick off START
Leering sort OGLER
Like Aesop’s grapes SOUR
Like Alec, among the Baldwin brothers ELDEST
Make a blooper ERR
Make illegal BAN
Makes sound again HEALS
Marble ___ (bread choice) RYE
Midsize GM offering, informally CHEVYMALIBU
Monopoly’s Oriental and Baltic (Abbr.) AVES
Neural transmitter AXON
New York’s ___ Fisher Hall AVERY
Nixonian hand gesture VEE
Nocturnal noisemakers SNORERS
On-the-sly meeting TRYST
Place for a phone charger SOCKET
Place for recyclables BIN
Place to order a round TAVERN
Potter’s bagful SOIL
Prefix with bucks or bytes MEGA
Quaker morsel OAT
Raise, as an anchor HOIST
Rotisserie league tidbit STAT
Safe drinking water org EPA
Self-evident truth AXIOM
Shutterbug’s request SMILE
Spoiled kid BRAT
Spoiled rotten, perhaps DOTEDON
Squids’ ink holders SACS
Stuffed with ham and Swiss cheese CORDONBLEU
Suburban property line growth HEDGE
Swellhead’s trait EGOTISM
Talk like Porky Pig STUTTER
Tex-Mex topping SALSA
Upset tummy AGITA
Venice beach resort LIDO
Warhol of pop art ANDY
Wealthy campaign donors FATCATS
Weasel out of EVADE
Without a stitch on NUDE
[Uncommon spelling], in crosswords VAR
___ de vie (brandy) EAU

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