USA Today – Nov 4 2018

Clues Answers
‘Aw, phooey!’ DARN
‘I do’ sayer BRIDE
‘Iron Man’ star Robert ___ Jr DOWNEY
‘The Lord of the Rings’ hero FRODO
( or ), for short PAREN
Apollo Theater neighborhood HARLEM
Be worthy of EARN
Big Apple cultural ctr MOMA
Bird on a Canadian dollar LOON
BMW competitor AUDI
Button word PUSH
Canyon perimeter RIM
Captains’ posts HELMS
Chew like a chipmunk GNAW
Chipped away at ERODED
Come down in buckets POUR
Compete like Jesse Ventura did WRESTLE
DACA beneficiary DREAMER
Declines, as support FALLSOFF
Deep female voice ALTO
Did a jockey’s job RODE
Dragon’s home LAIR
Eggs in sushi rolls ROE
Electric eye, e.g SENSOR
Envelope feature FLAP
Fez and fedora HATS
First Hebrew letter ALEPH
First word of ‘Jabberwocky’ TWAS
Full of excitement AGOG
Higher in rank than ABOVE
Hometown to college football’s Black Bears ORONOMAINE
Hurling or curling SPORT
Icky stuff GOO
Insults online FLAMES
Jack who shunned fat SPRAT
Jimi Hendrix hairdo AFRO
Johanna Spyri heroine HEIDI
Like a clarinet’s sound REEDY
Like loose-leaf paper, usually LINED
Lowly laborer PEON
Luxuriant locks FLOWINGMANE
Made the scene CAME
Manicurist’s abrasive EMERY
Meaty Chinese noodle dish PORKLOMEIN
Mia in the Soccer Hall of Fame HAMM
Nits, in time LICE
Partners’ pronoun OURS
Pigskin prop TEE
Pindaric work ODE
Pool table fabric FELT
Poor, as attempts go FEEBLE
Prefix with normal or legal PARA
Pub potation ALE
Put down, in a way ABASE
Respond on ‘Jeopardy!’ ASK
Revered tribesman ELDER
Shamu, e.g ORCA
Side with a burger SLAW
Spanish bar snacks TAPAS
Sparkling wine, informally ASTI
Stage, as a Civil War battle REENACT
Standing-room-only show SELLOUT
Sugar unit LUMP
Sumter or McHenry FORT
Sunscreen additive ALOE
Take a beating LOSE
Texter’s ‘didn’t need to know that’ TMI
Time of anticipation EVE
Trans title character in a Kinks song LOLA
TV-dinner holder TRAY
Unattributed, in Bartlett’s (Abbr.) ANON
Upfront payment ANTE
Victor Borge and Niels Bohr, for two DANES
Watergate evidence TAPES
West coast zoo city SANDIEGO
Where Caribbean pirates plundered SPANISHMAIN
Wine and dine FETE
___ mater ALMA

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