USA Today – Nov 5 2018

Clues Answers
‘That’s highly doubtful!’ IBET
‘Where America’s Day Begins’ island GUAM
Acts the flunky OBEYS
Be on the short end LOSE
Beknighted men SIRS
Bible preposition UNTO
Birds with raucous calls JAYS
Blue-green shade AQUA
Bookmarked site, briefly URL
Bovine draft animals OXEN
Bridge’s length SPAN
Bring shame to ABASE
Butter maker’s device CHURN
Catches some rays TANS
Cathedral city on the Seine ROUEN
Chiropractor’s focus SPINE
Cigar store cheapie STOGIE
Clinic procedure EXAM
Comment from Colbert QUIP
Competitor of Dell and HP ACER
Cooler filler ICE
Corrosion on chrome RUST
Count at the gym REPS
Cousins of berets TAMS
Coward’s attribute NOGUTS
Declare to be ‘fake news’ DENY
Delivery to a smelter ORE
Diary duration, perhaps YEAR
Dinosaurs, e.g REPTILES
Dissenting religious group SECT
Dromedary’s singular feature HUMP
Drop from the staff AXE
Enjoyed thoroughly ATEUP
Gallery exhibitor ARTIST
Good eater’s attribute HEALTHYAPPETITE
Have a heated discussion ARGUE
High-priced rental LUXURYAPARTMENT
History book chapters ERAS
Ice Cube or Ice-T RAPSTAR
It’s donned in a Christmas song GAYAPPAREL
Job level, metaphorically RUNG
Jostled, as for position JOCKEYED
Laurel of old-time comedies STAN
Like a centenarian AGED
Like a well-prepared souffle RISEN
Like overworked muscles ACHY
Long undergarment SLIP
Lost in thought DREAMY
Lures into crime ENTRAPS
Mackinaw or mackintosh COAT
Make a wild throw, say ERR
Many a Kindle download NOVEL
Milano of ‘Insatiable’ ALYSSA
Oompah band need TUBA
Orange vegetable YAM
Paranormal power, for short ESP
Perlman of ‘Cheers’ RHEA
Play for a sap USE
Playful taunts JESTS
Put salsa on, say TOP
Radiologist’s test, briefly MRI
Reach peak flavor RIPEN
Removes, as branches LOPS
Responded to reveille GOTUP
Rice of gothic fiction ANNE
Rotten reviews PANS
Sargasso and Ross SEAS
Scuba diver’s supply AIR
Show sorrow, perhaps WEEP
Strauss of denim LEVI
Sweet treat on a stick CANDYAPPLE
Symbols of durability OAKS
Telescope support TRIPOD
Teller’s talkative partner PENN
Third word of many limericks WAS
Traffic report topics JAMS
Trump travel ban land YEMEN
Venue with skyboxes ARENA

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