USA Today – Nov 6 2018

Clues Answers
‘Unleaded,’ as coffee goes DECAF
‘___ on a true story’ BASED
A 35-Across might spring one LEAK
Abrupt way to kick a habit COLDTURKEY
Absorb, as a cost EAT
AFB truant AWOL
Birds with iridescent plumage PEACOCKS
Blasted with pepper spray MACED
Bone up in a hurry CRAM
Bonny girl LASS
Bored with it all BLASE
Bowls over AWES
Census form datum RACE
Chartered ride BOAT
Chartered ride PLANE
Churchill Downs events DERBIES
Create messages with a 38-Across SKYWRITE
Crunchy strips at a brunch CRISPBACON
Dolphin that preys on others ORCA
Dory propellers OARS
Drake’s genre RAP
Fall short FAIL
Fault-finding CRITICAL
Fuel in a scuttle COAL
Golden State gridder, for short NINER
Green veggie made into chips KALE
Have regrets FEELBAD
Ho-hum BLAH
Isn’t perfect ERRS
Jackson 5 hairdos AFROS
L. Frank Baum’s coward LION
Leave one’s bandmates, perhaps GOSOLO
Like much testimony ORAL
Like some roof panels SOLAR
Lo mein vessels WOKS
Lower in esteem ABASE
Manning of the NFL ELI
Material in a beekeeper’s veil NETTING
MDs’ aides RNS
Monocle, essentially LENS
Mount Rushmore nickname ABE
Muffin choice BRAN
Off the wall ODD
Often-dunked snack OREO
One of the gang PAL
Origami bird CRANE
Orson of ‘Citizen Kane’ WELLES
Packs to capacity FILLS
Pay, with ‘over’ FORK
Peron of Argentina EVA
Place for a snooze SOFA
Prior to, poetically ERE
Pulitzer-winning Ferber novel SOBIG
Put on the back burner DEFER
Put on the market SELL
Ranked higher than ABOVE
Remove, as coupons CLIP
Ring decisions, for short TKOS
Risked getting pulled over SPED
Rob of ‘Parks and Recreation’ LOWE
Sharp upturn in the economy BRISKGROWTH
Simple 35-Across RAFT
Slinky’s shape COIL
State firmly AVOW
Stop pedaling COAST
Strings at luaus UKES
The life of Riley EASE
Tidy sum of cash COOLMILLION
Vineyard measure ACRE
Way back when LONGPAST
Wear camouflage, say BLENDIN
What you wear GARB
Where you live ABODE
Words of defeat ILOSE
Worker with a trowel MASON
Zero-shaped OVAL
Zuckerberg, to Facebook CEO

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