USA Today – Nov 7 2018

Clues Answers
‘Anti-art’ movement DADA
‘Get Out’ director Jordan PEELE
‘Stay strong!’ BEBRAVE
‘The Merry Widow’ composer Franz LEHAR
‘Tora! Tora! Tora!’ general TOJO
Acropolis sights RUINS
Altoids container TIN
Big Apple or London area SOHO
Chip away at ERODE
Class also called ‘domestic science,’ for short HOMEEC
Coat similar to an anorak PARKA
Color commentator’s tidbit STAT
Concrete construction unit CINDERBLOCK
Costume made from a sheet TOGA
Cowboys’ protective leggings CHAPS
Crude acronym OPEC
Cunning stratagems WILES
Design with acid ETCH
Dizzy in Cooperstown DEAN
Driveway paving material MACADAM
Driving range array TEES
Election Day lineup SLATE
Electrical gadget for an overseas traveler ADAPTERPLUG
Fanzine fave IDOL
Feature of some saunas STEAM
Fruity topping for toast APRICOTJAM
George, football’s ‘Papa Bear’ HALAS
Grinds to a halt ENDS
Grounds for a civil suit TORT
Guitar great Montgomery WES
High spirits MIRTH
Hoses down WETS
Japanese dogs with curly tails AKITAS
Kept under wraps HID
Lennon’s lady ONO
Like snails and sloths SLOW
Links conveyance CART
Low soccer score ONENIL
Maryland athlete, informally TERP
Mexican revolutionary Villa PANCHO
Military leader nicknamed ‘Light-Horse Harry’ LEE
Mix with a swizzle stick STIR
Moreno of ‘West Side Story’ RITA
Movie studio constructions SETS
Muff an easy one ERR
Odie, to John PET
Paella ingredient RICE
Places to play pinball ARCADES
Plant a bug in TAP
Port of Iraq BASRA
Prison guard, slangily SCREW
Release, as lava SPEW
Responds on ‘Jeopardy!’ ASKS
Rest cure facility SPA
Room with a recliner, perhaps DEN
Rough fig EST
Royal pain NUISANCE
Runway strutter MODEL
Salon acquisition TAN
Scholarly sorts SAVANTS
Seal again, in a way RETAPE
Self-proclaimed AVOWED
Set of moral values ETHIC
Sinful city of scripture SODOM
Space Needle city SEATTLE
Sparkling fielding play GEM
Spiral-cut meats HAMS
Start the kitty ANTE
Stone-launching weapon CATAPULT
Terhune title dog LAD
The whole shootin’ match ALL
Thumbs-down review PAN
Title for Macbeth THANE
Traditional Dutch shoe WOODENCLOG
Tribe of the Canadian plains CREE
Upper hand EDGE
Vicious sorts SAVAGES
___ Island (immigration museum site) ELLIS

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