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USA Today – Oct 1 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Be glad to!’ SURE
‘That’s a riot!’ HAHA
‘The Call of the Wild’ transport SLED
‘Tristan und Isolde’ composer Richard WAGNER
Alan of ‘The Longest Ride’ ALDA
Apple Watch downloads APPS
Auction off, say SELL
Audit pros CPAS
Avoids a pothole, say VEERS
Barrel part STAVE
Benevolent fraternal group ELKS
Bill of Microsoft GATES
Brains or beauty, e.g ASSET
Brave’s trophy SCALP
Brisbane buddy MATE
Chamber music woodwind OBOE
Chatty get-together GABFEST
Come down in buckets TEEM
Come out on top PREVAIL
Common mirror shape OVAL
Cost of a dance, in an old song TENCENTS
Countertop stone MARBLE
Farm bundle BALE
Farm team couplers YOKES
French door piece PANE
Glorifying verse ODE
Guitar innovator Paul LES
Gymnastics rail BALANCEBEAM
Hard-to-describe feeling VIBE
Having the right stuff ABLE
Help out in the weight room SPOT
Hooch apparatus STILL
Informal discussion RAPSESSION
Kazan who was blacklisted ELIA
Keebler spokesperson ELF
Kevlar garment VEST
Lacrosse stick features NETS
Leave wide-eyed AWE
Like game reserve animals WILD
Like superfans AVID
Loses feathers MOLTS
Many a Syrian ARAB
Mark Twain and George Eliot, for two PENNAMES
MASH vehicle JEEP
Monocle, essentially LENS
Narcissist’s love SELF
Nightclub expense COVERCHARGE
Not at all bumpy EVEN
One of the ‘California Dreamin” singers MAMACASS
One of the James-Younger Gang JESSE
Packers quarterback Rodgers AARON
Patronized Uber RODE
Period named for a music genre ERA
Poke fun at TEASE
Psych 101 subject EGO
Pulled hard YANKEDON
Puts together MAKES
Remove stubble SHAVE
Rewrite, as a crossword clue EDIT
Right-angled shape ELL
Sailor’s lure of myth SIREN
Sign of spoilage ODOR
Snaky curve ESS
Source of lemons GROVE
Sows and boars SWINE
Sword with a curved blade SABER
Taproom orders ALES
Tarzan’s transport VINE
Tear into ASSAIL
Teri of ‘Young Frankenstein’ GARR
Top berth UPPER
Toy gun ammo CAPS
Undercover cop’s quarry DOPEDEALER
Was short of NEEDED
Without commitments FREE
Word after cutting or leading EDGE
Zoo trench MOAT
___ Lee cakes SARA