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USA Today – Oct 10 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘A Seat at the Table’ artist SOLANGE
‘Agreed!’ AMEN
‘Devs’ streaming service HULU
‘For You’ singer Rita ORA
‘Girls ___’ (2017 movie) TRIP
‘I Knew You ___ Trouble’ WERE
‘Lies!’ NOTSO
‘My Neighbor ___’ (Studio Ghibli film) TOTORO
‘Stop,’ to a sailor AVAST
‘Yeah, I guess’ SURE
‘Yes, also the one you mentioned’ THATTOO
2013 video game involving an empty house GONEHOME
A ___ Called Quest TRIBE
Acts as an agent for, for short REPS
Alphabetically first Great Lake ERIE
As yet SOFAR
Avoid detection HIDE
Avoids detection LAYSLOW
Back end REAR
Begin a volleyball game SERVE
Between twice and never ONCE
Bills, after being signed LAWS
Book genre for DIYers HOWTO
Compadre AMIGO
Conflict resolution obstacles EGOS
Convenient escapes OUTS
Crushing defeat ROUT
Defeat LOSS
Eco-friendly bag TOTE
Eliminate malfunctions from DEBUG
Embed firmly LODGE
Ewe’s bleat BAA
First track on an album, often INTRO
Flutter kicks work them ABS
Follow OBEY
Have a short break TAKETEN
Jouster’s horse STEED
Large measurement of 28-Down ACRE
Lift with effort HOIST
Like each ‘g’ in ‘ginger’ SOFT
Like old soda FLAT
Make a tear in RIP
Many Janelle Monae outfits SUITS
Milk, in French LAIT
More proximate NEARER
Movie popcorn container TUB
No. 1, in slang THEGOAT
Nori or spirulina, e.g ALGAE
Off course ASTRAY
Palindromic sound TOOT
Paying for everyone’s meals PICKINGUPTHETAB
Person writing test notes on their hand, say CHEATER
Pivotal juncture POINTOFNORETURN
Place for debate FORUM
Poison ivy symptom ITCH
Prefix for ‘pod’ or ‘ceratops’ TRI
Prepare like lechon ROAST
Psychic’s gift ESP
Put in a scabbard SHEATHE
Range between bass and alto TENOR
Ready if needed ONTAP
Sega Genesis rival hidden in this clue NES
Soldiers-in-training CADETS
Texting counterpart of ‘ty’ PLS
The ‘U’ in CPU or BTU UNIT
Train stop DEPOT
Word after ‘gray’ or ‘Bay’ AREA
Work period ending before sundown DAYSHIFT
___ out (tattled on) RATTED
___ up (absorb) SOP
___ video (YouTube upload cataloguing purchases) HAUL