USA Today – Oct 13 2018

Clues Answers
‘Java’ trumpeter Al HIRT
‘Just the facts, ___’ MAAM
‘Let me add . . .’ ALSO
‘Over There’ songwriter George M COHAN
‘The Lego Movie’ hero ___ Brickowski EMMET
‘___ difference!’ SAME
19-Down edge RIM
Accused’s story ALIBI
Acting unthinkingly, informally ONAUTO
Adopt, as a manner ASSUME
Algae-fungi composite LICHEN
Baseball’s dead-ball ___ ERA
Be a moocher CADGE
Bestow an Oscar on, say HONOR
Boomers’ kids XERS
Cereal with colorful marshmallow bits LUCKYCHARMS
Come down in buckets POUR
Cooks in a wok, say SAUTES
Coronation robe trim ERMINE
Crow’s-nest site MAST
Dead-end job RUT
Delivery drivers’ assignments ROUTES
Disney’s little mermaid ARIEL
Do serious damage to MAIM
Expert, as in policy MAVEN
George or Placid LAKE
Hair salon stock DYES
Hialeah postings ODDS
Holiday employees, often TEMPS
Huck, to Tom PAL
Icky stuff MUCK
In itself PERSE
In the bag, as a win ONICE
In the style of ALA
Infantry weapon of old PIKE
Is the same as EQUALS
Jason Bourne, e.g SPY
Law firm aides, for short PARAS
Like a yenta NOSY
Lion’s retreat LAIR
Mesabi Range deposit IRON
Mobster Bugsy SIEGEL
Neighbor of Teddy on Mount Rushmore ABE
Nielsen of ‘Mr. Magoo’ LESLIE
North of Iran-Contra, informally OLLIE
Paint can instruction STIR
Pale as a ghost ASHY
Parenthesis, in many emoticons SMILE
Penny vending machine yield, once GUM
Place for a magician’s rabbit HAT
Poet’s ‘prior to’ ERE
Pompous sort ASS
Pre-Columbian empire dwellers INCAS
Provide with gear EQUIP
Pull up stakes MOVE
Race down Main Street, say DRAG
Reef-dwelling eel MORAY
Removed, editorially DELED
Result of a meteor strike CRATER
Rush-job letters ASAP
Sioux chief of the Great Plains SITTINGBULL
Slow time for a retailer LULL
Some bank workers TELLERS
Some Pacific salmon COHOS
Spitting image DEADRINGER
Sports bag contents GEAR
Tablet introduced in 2010 IPAD
Tet Offensive locale, for short NAM
Thor or Zeus GOD
Thoroughbred’s father SIRE
Unsociable sort LONER
Untouchable Eliot NESS
Up to the task ABLE
Vacationer’s rental, perhaps CAR
Went door-to-door, perhaps CAROLED
Wile E. Coyote’s supplier ACME
World’s smallest republic NAURU

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