USA Today – Oct 14 2018

Clues Answers
‘Birthday’ painter Chagall MARC
‘Don’t tase me, ___!’ BRO
‘Eat, drink and be merry,’ e.g ADAGE
‘I’m ___ your tricks!’ ONTO
‘The Quare Fellow’ playwright Brendan BEHAN
1967 hit for Sam and Dave SOULMAN
1980s foe of Iraq IRAN
2011 movie about 1960s racism THEHELP
2016 prize for Bob Dylan NOBEL
Big name in bourbon WILDTURKEY
Bit of news ITEM
Brazen woman HUSSY
Broadway play about Capote TRU
Catch some rays SUN
Catch wind of HEAR
Chat room troublemaker TROLL
Cheese in Greek salad FETA
Class ring figure YEAR
Co. with brown trucks UPS
Curmudgeonly sort CRAB
Currier and Ives print, for short LITHO
Davy Jones’ locker’s locale OCEAN
Diana of the Supremes ROSS
Drake’s genre HIPHOP
Duchess of ___ (Goya subject) ALBA
Element No. 5 BORON
Fire engine gear HOSES
Flogging unit LASH
Forum attire TOGA
Fred of ‘Top Hat’ ASTAIRE
From 10-Down, say ASIAN
Get back to normal RECOVER
Give a whipping to FLOG
Gumbo vegetable OKRA
Gun, as an engine REV
Having less seniority NEWER
Help at the checkout counter BAG
Herbarium specimen PLANT
Horrified reaction GASP
Improvisational Indian music RAGA
In ___ (harmonious) SYNC
Laser-guided weapon, perhaps SMARTBOMB
Lay out in advance PLAN
Like a sourball TART
List-ending abbr ETAL
Logan of ’60 Minutes’ LARA
Loss-of-a-ball flub TILT
Machu Picchu’s land PERU
Mason of ‘The Goodbye Girl’ MARSHA
McGregor of ‘Big Fish’ EWAN
Men-only clique members OLDBOYS
Movie archive unit REEL
Myanmar, as it’s also known BURMA
Not-so-graceful dive BELLYFLOP
Obama’s postgrad study LAW
Odd Fellows’ meeting place LODGE
Old, but new again RETRO
One seeking nirvana HINDU
Pennsylvania port ERIE
Portugal’s locale IBERIA
President who said ‘nucular’ BUSH
Russia’s ___ Mountains URAL
Sculpture of a Roman emperor, perhaps MARBLEBUST
Seeming eternity EON
Senate investigation, e.g PROBE
Shoulder-baring top HALTER
Site of an 1836 last stand ALAMO
Six Flags attraction RIDE
Some LAX listings ETAS
Song’s opening bars INTRO
Source of lemon zest PEEL
Stetson feature BRIM
Sunscreen ingredient ALOE
Superstorm Sandy relief org FEMA
Tag number PRICE
Three-layer treat OREO
Trig or calc MATH
War of 1812 treaty city GHENT

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