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USA Today – Oct 15 2018

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Clues Answers
‘A ___ coincidence!’ MERE
‘Don’t go, doggie!’ STAY
‘Rosemary’s Baby’ novelist Levin IRA
‘Scram, kitty!’ SCAT
‘You called?’ YES
About 1.06 quarts LITER
Act on a novel idea? WRITE
Affectedly cultured ARTY
AL or NL honoree MVP
Alternating current producer TESLACOIL
Answers, on ‘Jeopardy!’ ASKS
Arguing vehemently ATIT
Austin Powers portrayer Mike MYERS
Bedrock, to the Flintstones HOME
Bricks measure TON
Buddy who played Jed Clampett EBSEN
Calf-length pants style CAPRI
Catch at a theater SEE
Chip shot’s trajectory ARC
Cleveland’s waters ERIE
Come-from-behind effort RALLY
Copycat’s practice METOOISM
Craft in ‘Noah’ ARK
Creepy looks LEERS
Crustiest parts of loaves ENDS
Down with the flu, say ILL
Essen’s region RUHR
Eye rudely OGLE
Fare carrier CAB
Fay of ‘King Kong’ WRAY
Fifth-longest human bone ULNA
Financial aid criterion NEED
Fudgy treat with crunchy bits WALNUTBROWNIE
Gets even for AVENGES
Gibson with two Oscars MEL
Happen over and over RECUR
Hot dog vendors’ vehicles CARTS
Land on the Caspian Sea IRAN
Legalese adverb THEREOF
Like ocean air SALTY
Manhattan gallery area SOHO
McDonald’s fries option SMALL
Microphone tester’s word ONE
Milker’s container PAIL
Move with a mouse DRAG
Nabisco wafer brand NILLA
Nature trail, e.g PATH
Needing two seats, perhaps OBESE
Not as unhinged SANER
Not-too-potent brew NEARBEER
Off-roader’s vehicle, familiarly UTE
Online troublemaker INTERNETTROLL
Place to detox SPA
Political consultant’s concern IMAGE
Radar gun reading SPEED
Ready to blow one’s stack IRATE
RSVP enclosure SASE
Salad follower, perhaps ENTREE
Scrapbooker’s need GLUE
SeaWorld frolicker SEAL
Sleep clinic furnishings BEDS
Small, dense star WHITEDWARF
Some tuxedo fasteners STUDS
Stag’s mate DOE
Subcompact of the 1970s AMCGREMLIN
Textile with a wavy pattern MOIRE
Tie together ENLACE
Tiny M&M’s sold in tubes MINIS
Totally foolish INANE
Uses a pogo stick HOPS
Van Gogh’s loss EAR
Veggie burger base SOY
Weak-kneed sort WIMP
Wetlands wader HERON
Words from the impatient ICANTWAIT
Worker with bricks MASON
Zap with a Taser STUN
___ acid (protein component) AMINO