USA Today – Oct 16 2018

Clues Answers
‘Born Free’ 2-Down ELSA
‘Enough ___!’ SAID
‘Finding Dory’ studio PIXAR
‘The Big Board,’ initially NYSE
‘The Seasons’ composer, affectionately PAPAHAYDN
1979-81 hostage site IRAN
Addition column ONES
Baffin and Hudson BAYS
Barista’s artistic creation LATTE
BBQ slab unit RIB
Big cat LION
Black Friday event SALE
Brad of ‘Moneyball’ PITT
Brickell or Sedgwick EDIE
Carrier with blue and white jets ELAL
Chemistry lab vessel BEAKER
City on the Rio Grande ELPASO
Clad like many superheroes CAPED
Comics bark ARF
Cosmetic that’s sometimes flavored LIPGLOSS
Course conclusion, often TEST
Credit card action SWIPE
Cried out loudly YELLED
Descartes’ ‘therefore’ ERGO
Device for an Apple Pencil IPAD
Drop an easy one ERR
Factor in club selection LIE
First part of an act SCENEI
For all to see OVERT
Forbidden fruit site EDEN
Geological stretch EON
Gibson of ‘Lethal Weapon’ MEL
Grounds for a civil suit TORT
He caught Don Larsen’s perfecto YOGIBERRA
Hold spellbound RAVISH
In ___ land (spacey) LALA
Introduce to the mix ADD
Jared of ‘Lonely Hearts’ LETO
Katey of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ SAGAL
Kept from swelling, perhaps ICED
Kitchen rack item SPICE
Leader of Motown’s Miracles SMOKEYROBINSON
Like freelance work, often ONSPEC
Lockup unit CELL
Maker of squishy balls NERF
Manage to avoid EVADE
Mani-___ (salon job) PEDI
Manx cat’s lack TAIL
Maris who surpassed Ruth ROGER
Neanderthal’s abode CAVE
Norton, to Kramden PAL
Often-buggy software version BETA
Oolong or gunpowder TEA
Phases out ENDS
Queer duck WEIRDO
Reflexology place SPA
Rough Riders leader, informally TEDDYROOSEVELT
Running by itself ONAUTO
Saw wood, so to speak SNORE
Scandal suffix GATE
Send to blazes DAMN
Sgt. or cpl NCO
Shopaholic’s binge SPREE
Squandered, as a lead BLEW
Stallone’s one-man army RAMBO
Standard Windows font ARIAL
Started the kitty ANTED
Strikeout king Nolan RYAN
Submitted, as a 40-Down TURNEDIN
Suffix denoting wealth AIRE
The whole shebang ALL
Usual tic-tac-toe result TIE
Weights, slangily IRON
What a surfer may catch WAVE
Young friend of Pooh ROO
___ out (at the limit) MAXED

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