USA Today – Oct 17 2018

Clues Answers
‘Good comeback’ TOUCHE
‘Guess that’s fine’ OHOK
‘On easy street,’ e.g IDIOM
‘Peer Gynt’ playwright Henrik IBSEN
‘Sesame Street’ basics ABCS
‘Would you be so kind?’ PLEASE
3 and 4, to 9 and 16 SQUAREROOTS
69-Across complaint NIT
Absorb, as a cost EAT
Aerial stunt LOOP
Angled cut BEVEL
Anticancer injections SERA
Avails oneself of USES
Banana oil, e.g ESTER
Banff’s province ALBERTA
Basic training affirmative YESSIR
Beat by one run, say EDGE
Bloodmobile visitor DONOR
Caesarean rebuke ETTU
Captain Sparrow portrayer Johnny DEPP
Capturers of Berlin in 1945 REDARMY
Carlson of Fox News TUCKER
Chef’s hat TOQUE
Circus safety feature NET
Dad, to a rustic PAW
Debate issue TOPIC
Dermal opening PORE
Dining room furniture inserts TABLELEAVES
Dugout rack item BAT
Fern-to-be SPORE
Flaw that can be hammered out DENT
Forced from the throne OUSTED
Frequent Andrew Wyeth subject HELGA
Gate receipts TAKE
Genesis setting EDEN
Geological stretch EON
Give the heave-ho to BOOT
Glorifying verse ODE
He loved Lucy DESI
Home run-hitting ability POWER
Hothead’s emotion IRE
How food may be seasoned TOTASTE
Ill-mannered sort BOOR
In a crabby mood TESTY
In a jiffy SOON
Inflate, as a resume PAD
Install, as tile LAY
Jabs to the ribs POKES
Jacob, for baby boys from 1999 to 2012 TOPNAME
Lie in hiding SKULK
List-ending abbreviation ETC
London lavatory LOO
Loser to Barack in 2012 MITT
Lyft alternative UBER
March 17 musician’s garb KILT
Mireille of ‘World War Z’ ENOS
Period of penitence LENT
Pizza perimeter CRUST
Place for a bout ARENA
Pledge paddle’s target, once REAR
Printer giant EPSON
Reflex hammer target KNEE
Russia’s ___ Mountains URAL
Russo of ‘The Intern’ RENE
Say ‘tsk!’ to CHIDE
Scatterbrained DITSY
Shipboard storage unit STEAMERTRUNK
Skype hookup, perhaps EDATE
Smokestack buildup SOOT
Stable young COLTS
Sweating the small stuff PETTY
Tango move DIP
Tara family name OHARA
Tellers’ workplaces BANKBRANCHES
Tie with a clasp BOLO
Tourist’s rental CAR
Unit of electrical current AMPERE
Word after teen or matinee IDOL

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