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USA Today – Oct 17 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Baseball’ documentarian Burns KEN
‘Christopher Robin’ baby ROO
‘Deck the Halls’ contraction TIS
‘Go get it, Rover!’ FETCH
‘I did it!’ TADA
‘I ___ . . .’ (declaration in Clue) ACCUSE
‘Miracle’ player of 1969 MET
‘Shameless’ promotions PLUGS
‘Without further ___ . . .’ ADO
‘Your choice’ ANY
1974 grant to Nixon PARDON
1996 Coen Brothers thriller FARGO
Academic’s guarantee TENURETRACK
Algebraic rule THEOREM
Arcade buy TOKEN
Assembly manual units STEPS
Ballpark snack NACHOS
Bellyacher’s sound MOAN
Bench-clearing brawl FRACAS
Bit of body art, informally TAT
Blue or white English cheese STILTON
British monarch before George I ANNE
Carry a balance of OWE
Cement-headed DENSE
Chicken farm supply FEED
Christmas trees, often FIRS
Color of raw linen ECRU
Corporate VIPs CEOS
Craft protected by Hera ARGO
Decorates, as cookies ICES
Difficult spot MESS
Diner stack MENUS
Dinner host’s exhortation EAT
Dry area near a mountain RAINSHADOW
Eerie sighting, briefly UFO
Ernie on the links ELS
Frittata needs EGGS
Gondolier’s tool OAR
Greater than expected MORESO
Gussy up PREEN
Half a set of dentures UPPER
Historic east-west wagon route OREGONTRAIL
Hockey venues ARENAS
Home fuel option GAS
Hoops Hall of Famer Unseld WES
Hot tub features JETS
Housefly’s demise SWAT
Invent, as a phrase COIN
It’s east of the Urals ASIA
Language of the Philippines TAGALOG
Makes a gaffe GOOFS
Manage to avoid EVADE
Messenger’s bag SATCHEL
Monterrey money PESOS
Oater ‘necktie’ NOOSE
One- or 11-pointer ACE
Out in left field ODD
Paratrooper’s need CHUTE
Politico Quayle DAN
ProFlowers parent co FTD
Provides for a time LENDS
Quitting time, for some FIVE
Removed, as rubble CLEARED
Reply to ‘Who’s there?’ ITSME
Sarcastic comment SNARK
Share a perspective AGREE
Shucked seafood CLAMS
Skip the big wedding ELOPE
Snorkeler’s spot REEF
Stand by for AWAIT
Stroll in the shallows WADE
Take one or the other CHOOSE
They’re served with sides ENTREES
Vest-wearing creature SERVICEDOG
Watson of ‘Noah’ EMMA
Wealthy one HAVE
Young civic leader JAYCEE
___ Plaines, Ill DES