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USA Today – Oct 18 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Anywhere’ singer Rita ORA
‘Cats’ star McKellen IAN
‘Compound’ part for a fly EYE
‘Gimme a break!’ CMON
‘if u ask me . . .’ IMO
‘In a show of competitiveness . . .’ NOTTOBEOUTDONE
‘Same here!’ METOO
‘___ you for real?’ ARE
Abu Dhabi ruler EMIR
Arctic vehicle SLED
Auditory organ EAR
Australian gem OPAL
Ballerina’s skirt TUTU
Ballpark figure (Abbr.) EST
Beginning ONSET
Boathouse sticks OARS
Boggy ground FEN
Bugaboo BANE
By and large ASARULE
Center of India’s National Capital Region DELHI
Chicken ___-fry STIR
Chihuahua, e.g TOYDOG
City near Fort Lauderdale BOCARATON
Clambake setting, maybe SHORE
Company hidden in ‘Paolo’ AOL
Defense grp. that’s an anagram of 40-Across NATO
Dim sum restaurant emanation AROMA
Dried poblano ANCHO
Drink like a cat LAPUP
Emotionally distant ALOOF
Enterprise lieutenant SULU
FaceTime platform IOS
First in the rankings ONTOP
Game related to bingo BEANO
Get ___ of (ditch) RID
Girl Scout’s accessory SASH
Girls, in Spanish NINAS
Grand ___ Opry OLE
Grandmother, in Tagalog LOLA
Heavy burden ONUS
Hoops great Smith KATIE
In itself PERSE
It might open to a deck PATIODOOR
Joints below waists HIPS
Lead-in to ‘home’ or ‘phone’ SMART
Line on a softball SEAM
Long-eared leapers HARES
Makes inquiries ASKS
Many residents of Dearborn, Michigan ARABS
Matcha latte holder MUG
Nickname for Minnesota NORTHSTARSTATE
Nostril-blown instrument NOSEFLUTE
One way to record for later viewing TIVO
Osaka-born tennis champion Osaka NAOMI
Parenthesis shape ARC
Paris cathedral NOTREDAME
Pick up the check TREAT
Praline nut PECAN
Reference book with maps ATLAS
Saffron-producing country IRAN
Saxophonist Jane ___ Bloom IRA
Sight or touch SENSE
Some ER workers RNS
Speak from a podium, say ORATE
Strike-organizing group UNION
Sudden stream SPURT
Sunlight-blocking hat VISOR
That, in Spanish ESO
Things opened in browsers TABS
Threatening words ORELSE
Took the reins LED
Touch lightly TAP
Twelfth of a foot INCH
Twice this clue’s number TEN
___ boots (’60s footwear) GOGO
___ Lauder ESTEE
___ position (curled-up pose) FETAL