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USA Today – Oct 19 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Poor Richard’s Almanack’ bit ADAGE
‘The Little Mermaid’ setting SEA
All-in-one printer transmissions FAXES
Amateur singer’s venue KARAOKEBAR
Animal shelter’s plea ADOPT
Attendance takers’ counts NOSES
Baby’s parent DADA
Be ill with HAVE
Big name in bananas DOLE
Bills bearing the Great Seal ONES
Breaks, as a bronco TAMES
Brussels-based alliance NATO
CBS spinoff from ‘JAG’ NCIS
Celestial flareups NOVAS
Complexion woe ZIT
Cookie embossed with its name OREO
Cracked, as a secret message DECODED
Defaults, as on a promise RENEGES
Drooling dog of comics ODIE
First airings DEBUTS
Flying vehicle in ‘E.T.’ BICYCLE
Forte automaker KIA
Forty-niners’ direction WEST
Full of energy SPIRITED
Goes for a deep tan BAKES
Golden Gloves weapon FIST
Google Earth display MAP
Govt. wetlands overseer EPA
Grad student’s exam ORAL
Grand Lodge group ELKS
Gung-ho feeling ZEAL
Headless rider of folklore HORSEMAN
Hilton or Hyatt HOTELCHAIN
Homage in meter ODE
Impresses greatly AWES
Improved, as musculature TONED
Intense craving LUST
Invaders of pantries ANTS
Is unruly in line SHOVES
It may be bruised or inflated EGO
Jouster’s weapon LANCE
King’s proclamation EDICT
Learned person SAVANT
Lee of Marvel Comics STAN
Like a Band-Aid solution STOPGAP
Like a penthouse POSH
Make blissful ELATE
More than sporadically ALOT
Move to the music SWAY
Ms. Durbeyfield of literature TESS
Neuralink CEO Musk ELON
Nuptial pledge IDO
Papa John’s appliance OVEN
Program for night owls LATESHOW
Prospector’s strike ORE
Reciters at slams POETS
Rogue computer in ‘2001’ HAL
Ross of Motown DIANA
Selfish sort TAKER
Shelter rescues PETS
Ship raiser or lowerer CANALLOCK
Shoots down NIXES
Skipped out WENT
Spheres, to 6-Down ORBS
Squirt or spurt, say EMIT
Supply with gear EQUIP
Talks foolishly JIVES
The World’s Fastest Man USAINBOLT
Topaz or turquoise JEWEL
Transplant recipient DONEE
Trash-hauling craft SCOW
TV schedule segment TIMESLOT
Was housed DWELT
Waze suggestions ROUTES
White-sale purchase LINEN
Witless sort MORON
Words from Wilde QUIP