USA Today – Oct 20 2018

Clues Answers
‘___ longa, vita brevis’ ARS
1955 hit about coal mining SIXTEENTONS
27-Down contents, perhaps TEA
30-Down out loud SOB
Added stipulations ANDS
Aerobics class prop STEP
Angle bracket shape ELL
Arlo or Woodie Guthrie, informally FOLKIE
At lunch, say OUT
Attribute of ‘Maine,’ but no other state names ONESYLLABLE
Be in harmony AGREE
Be too nosy PRY
Booze it up TOPE
Boston hoopsters, for short CELTS
Bowling center unit LANE
Business sign abbr ESTD
Caterer’s vessel URN
Cause to yawn, maybe BORE
Complete game’s duration, usually NINEINNINGS
Consumer protection org BBB
Copy center supplies TONERS
Discovered by chance LITON
Docket items CASES
Egyptian president before Sadat NASSER
Eject from a ballgame TOSS
Fairy tale monster BEASTIE
Flea or tick PEST
French-speaking African land GABON
Gaelic-speaking New Ager ENYA
Garfield’s owner JON
Go on a shopping spree SPEND
Greyhound terminus DEPOT
Help to escape, say ABET
Here-there separator NOR
Hollywood clashers EGOS
Incendiary jelly NAPALM
Innocents ‘in the woods’ BABES
La Brea gunk TAR
Letters before omicrons XIS
Like a fox, it’s said SLY
Like drone photography AERIAL
Match, as a poker bet SEE
More hackneyed STALER
Most Solomonic WISEST
Negligible amounts TRACES
Org. with a DoctorFinder service AMA
Persuade with flattery CAJOLE
Pre-K attendee TOT
Prestigious prizes since 1901 NOBELS
Privy to INON
Runner-advancing bunt, for short SAC
Sassy talk LIP
Scratch up MAR
See 11-Across BALLOU
Send to seventh heaven ELATE
Shakespeare’s fuss ADO
Sharon of Israel ARIEL
Shirt with a slogan TEE
Shuffle along AMBLE
Slug’s cousin SNAIL
Spain’s home IBERIA
Speak with forked tongue LIE
Sport with clay pigeons SKEET
Start a voyage SETSAIL
Sword’s superior, in a saying PEN
Takes too much, briefly ODS
Tapped into, as expertise DREWON
Teen idol’s fan ADORER
The lyrical Gershwin IRA
Took down a peg ABASED
Turn on the waterworks CRY
Where Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah meet FOURCORNERS
With 6-Down, 1965 Jane Fonda movie CAT
Word after living or dead END
___-ops (CIA mind games) PSY

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